Venison Tenderloin & Marinade

It's hunting season and that can only mean one thing: I am sitting at home hoping and praying that our friend gets us a deer for the year. I have emptied my freezer in preparation for the incoming deer and I am imagining all the lovely things that I will make with my venison.

I don't know what it is with meat and me. At the risk of angering every human organization out there, I'm just "into" meat lately. I love the unusual cuts and the less traveled meats. I love game and that earthy flavor it boasts. I recently cracked out when I found a whole duck at the grocery (which they rarely have) and told just about everyone I know about this event. My love of meat is palpable.

Arguably the best cut on the deer is the tenderloin. It's small, it's juicy and it's perfect for marinating and eating medium rare. I thought I would share my marinade in case you, like me, are a fan of the deer. Sorry Bambi, but I just think you taste amazing.

Venison Tenderlion Marinade:

Makes 8 small tenderloin steaks

3 cloves of garlic, pressed
2 tablespoons Olive oil
several dashes of peppers
about 1 teaspoon of salt
three dashes cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon wostershire sauce


Marinate the venison steaks in the marinade, turing at least once. Marinate as long as possible, up to 6 hours.

Cook the venison on a skillet or grill until desired doneness is reached. I like medium rare, [but some people will enjoy a more well-done piece of meat when it comes to game.]

Serve with grilled corn and salad caprese in the summer months, and roasted potatoes and kale in the winter months.

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