Forever Lazy [Like I needed an excuse]

Just when you thought the snuggie was bad, here comes a product that professes in the title just what they expect from it's users: forever lazy. As if winter isn't bad enough on the lazy factor, now we can take it to a whole new level. For those of you who are thinking that these are a pair of pajamas, think again. The people in the commercials are wearing these things over their regular clothes!! 

Best of all? Zipper hatches in the front and back so you can piss and shit your brains out without having to ever take your clothes off. Awesome. But it's really selling you on other points, too... like the fact that blankets are a hassle and that turning up the heat is too much money. 

I feel them on the heat issue, but really, I would rather pay for the heat than have someone catch me wearing this monstrosity. Maybe it's the fact that I was always getting pinched by the zippers on the footie pajamas, and I feared the zip up more and more each night, but I am not so into this product. 

Forever lazy? I'm not sure people put too much into the name department of this product. But really, fleece pajamas I can pee out of or not, I am not sure I need any more incentive in this American life to be "lazy." That and I don't really see blankets as the enemy, but more of an ally. I love blankets. 

Either way, I predict a lot of people getting this product for Christmas [thank you Walmart]. And you know what? They are probably going to find themselves unable to get off their couches. In addition, they will start to forget to remove their pants when going to use the bathroom. So what was worse.... the snuggie or the forever lazy? You decide [after you shit through the zipper of a fleece product.] 

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