Me-Oh-My : PIE!

Holiday is a time when people bust out their pies. It is probably one of the major reasons that I love the holidays so much. Never much a cake fan, I love pie with proportions that as we speak, I have four--yes, four, no judgments!--pies frozen in my freezer.

I just love everything about pie. It's flaky crust, it's gooey center. The fact that pie is such a moist and juicy food. I love that pie is so versatile and that you can make a pie sweet or savory. So, when the summer ended, I started making pies. Well, that is, my mother in law and I made some pies.

It was her idea to start the freezing in the first place, which, I have to say, was a stroke of brilliance. Now all my holiday pie baking is done and I can just grab a pie from the freezer and I've got my dessert. Here's some pictures of us making apple pie which, instead of baking, we froze. I also did three pumpkin pies on my own.

There was some debate about the pumpkin pies freezing properly, but I want to assure everyone: the taste was totally intact. Did the filling pull away from the crust as they said it would if I froze it? Well, yes, just a little... but I can tell you this: I wasn't focusing on the crust pie stick factor as I was eating. {no one will ever notice}

Here's pictures! Enjoy, and happy pie-making!

Pumpkin Pies! 

Get your surface floured! 

Roll out your crust!
(I like Jiffy Crust, but you can do whatever you like!) 

In the pan! 

Pumpkin pie is easy!
I like my Better Homes & Garden's recipe, but you can go
with the one on the package, too. 


Enjoy! Or freeze, whatever you fancy!

Apple Pie!!! 

Slice your apples
Then remove the skin

Season with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of sugar as well
as some tapioca and let it sit for 15 minutes  

Pour it in a pie shell 

Cover with another pie shell 

And you've got apple pie!
Seal them at the seams with a fork, and you are ready to freeze.
Boy! I'd say that was easy as pie! :) 

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