BIW Versus Aspirational Jeans

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I was watching television and a show as talking about how you want to “limit” the amount of “aspirational jeans”  you have in your closet. Don’t have a week’s work of jeans, just a couple pairs, or even one pair. Aspirational Jeans (in case you were wondering) are jeans you don’t actually fit into, but you “aspire” to fit into them. This is quite possibly the stupidest aspiration I have ever, ever heard of!!

You don’t aspire to fit into clothing. WTF is that all about?! I aspire to write a bestselling novel. I aspire to cook alongside Mario Batali. I aspire to have a marriage like my husband’s parents. Aspire to fit into a pair of jeans [or a box], I do not.

Aspirational jeans can kiss my ass.

This type of clothing, not limited to jeans, is unhealthy. Clothing is not going to motivate you to look a certain way. They will, however, glare at you from that place in your closet and make you feel like shit about your inability to aspire hard enough. And in this case, I am vehemently opposed to the entire concept.

It’s like the scale, which I broke up with months and months ago. Fuck it. It’s not worth it. Who wants to be measured and re-measured and made to feel bad about something they shouldn’t feel bad about? All you need [besides love] is a healthy dose of self confidence--you don’t need aspirational jeans, or a scale to tell you how you feel.

The thing is, the aspirational jeans on this television show were not only socially acceptable, but they were also sort of subliminal. I likely could have as easily missed it altogether during my television viewing. And that is what really worries me. These messages are ingrained in our psyches, and our television shows. The experience of having a pair of pants that neither fit you nor make you feel good is counterintuitive, yet, how many women reading this are realizing that they might actually have a pair in their closet?!

I don’t happen to have said aspirational jeans in my closet, though, if this were a couple of years ago, I might have been among you. No, my aspirational jeans went the way of the 8-track a couple of years ago. In my closets, we have a rule: if you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s gotta go! And that is not an empty threat... uncool sweaters beware--I will be ditching you.

The stuff you have in your closet should be awesome. I believe in fashion, people! What I don’t believe in is making yourself a slave to it. That means if it isn’t your size, don’t compromise! Your shape is beautiful. Every woman is unique. She should aspire to let her inner beauty shine through for the world to see. I know I talk a lot about body image, but I feel that loving yourself is one of the most important keys to living a healthy life.

So what are you waiting for? Go ditch those aspirational jeans!

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