Stuff I Use: Enameled Cast Iron

My enameled cast iron pot with some lovely oxtail braising! 
I have a love of cast iron. I love it for frying, for baking, and braising. But there is another lover in the room when it comes to cast iron, and that is the enameled cast iron pot. I have only one, and it was a belated wedding gift.

In a funny twist of fate, I almost gave this pot away thinking, "how many cast iron dutch ovens do I need?" Apparently, I needed just one more, one that was enameled. There are a lot of benefits to the enameled cast iron pot (and/or pan) and it makes a great addition to the chef's collection, if you ask me. 

Unlike the cast iron pots and pans, which get seasoned with oil, the enameled version of the cast iron can be washed with soap and water, making this a great choice for anyone who doesn't like the idea of not washing with water. Like the cast iron, nothing sticks to the enameled version, making it that much more awesome. 

I also prefer the enameled cast iron pots for making soups, braising meats, and sauces. I feel like they just come out a little better with the enameled version of the pot, though I am not entirely sure why. They just do. Esthetically, they are also very pleasing to the eye. They come in a variety of colors and they really add a pop to your kitchen collection, especially when placed amongst the rustic cast iron pots and pans. 

Just like cast iron, these puppies can go from stove top to oven, which is a function I am simply crazy about. I cannot tell you often I use this function--especially when it comes to braising meats (I am CRAZY about braising meats these days.)

All in all, if you have cast iron, at some point you are going to want the enameled version, and just like me you will fall in love. As for the brand, I have a Martha Stewart one, which is fine, but I likely would purchase another brand over this brand in the future. Lodge makes enameled cast iron as well, and I am a huge fan of theirs. Whichever brand you choose, I am confident you will be happy with this very welcomed addition to your cast iron collection. This would also be a great "gateway" cast iron pot! 

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