BIW Versus SPCA Commercials

I just can't take it anymore.... I have seen one too many of those SPCA commercials, and now, I am taking a stand against them. I know that you may be shocked to hear me speak about a company that is as awesome as the SPCA, and don't get me wrong, I think what they are doing is great. I love the SPCA and I LOVE animals so very much, which only adds to my inner turmoil on this issue. But inner turmoil be damned, I never want to see one of those commercials again.

They are just TOO depressing. Whomever came up with the first Sarah McLachan SPCA commercial thought that they struck gold, but all it really did was take that song, "Angel," (a song I used to love) and make me totally not ever want to hear it again. Now, every time I hear that commercial, I hate Sarah McLachan, one of my favorite artists, just a little more each time. 

And did you see the Christmas ones?! Silent night, holy heartstrings! I just can't see another cold, crusty animal crying in a cage to a beloved Christmas song. The SPCA is ruining all kinds of good music. For instance, my friend Jimbo was over during New Year's Eve, and when he heard a Willie Nelson song on the television he got all excited, "Willie Nelson is on TV!" he exclaimed as he ran into the living room. About two seconds later he re-emerged from the living room, looking totally dejected as he hung his head and said, "It was that sad kitty commercial instead." Aw...

I know what you are thinking, "the commercials are supposed to be sad, right?" Sure, I get it, they are trying to make you feel bad, pick up the phone, and make a donation. But I just can't be guilted into that sort of thing... I'm Italian, so I'm immune to guilting from years of experience in this very department. And I am not alone. I know a lot of people who actually change the channel when those commercials come on. It's like they hear that first cord of "Angel" and they are running for the remote. Seriously. I think that the commercials should come with a warning, like television shows do. Something along the lines of


 I feel so sad after seeing one that instead of picking up the phone and making a donation, I am so much more likely to pick up my car keys, go to the grocery, buy a tub of ice cream and eat it while I cry to a Sarah McLachan song. So while I applaud their efforts with animals, I think they should have to choose--either sad animals or sad music--one or the other! But for the love of god, not both! 

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  1. I feel the exact same way as you do. A lot of the animals look just plain old and ready to die.