BIW Versus Seal & Heidi Klum Break-Up

I don't usually get upset about celebrity break ups. In fact, after so much time dining on the lives of those in the spotlight, I have nearly come to expect it. I sort of laughed (okay, I totally and utterly was rolling) when Kim Kardashian and Kris whats-his-name announced their divorce. That is why I surprised even myself at the devastation I felt when Heidi Klum and Seal announced the disintegration of their marriage.

When first I saw the headline from TMZ, I ignored it and tried desperately to brush it off as merely a rumor. But the next day when my sister in law called me to chat, she verified what I didn't want to believe: Heidi Klum and Seal are dunzo. We spent a full five minutes commiserating over the fact that this break-up just isn't cool. If Seal and Heidi can't make it, then who can?!

Look, I am a fan of marriage. I don't want anyone's marriage to go down in a ball of flames. I want marriages to succeed.... with that said, I am realistic about the fact that some marriages do, in fact, end in divorce. It's a fact, and I am okay with it. But NOT Heidi Klum and Seal! That is where I draw the line. They just can't break up! They are just too perfect for one another... like you know how she was in his video and he bragged that he wrote those love songs for her. It made my heart swell.

Have they tried everything, I wonder? Have they gone to couples' therapy? Is there someone else? Maybe Heidi has been working too hard on Project Runway.... perhaps they are just in rough spot. Divorce?! It just seems so, I don't know, drastic of them! I mean, they have a ton of children together.... surely that is more than enough to bond them together for life, isn't it?!

The couple has said that they have just "grown apart" but that just doesn't really seem like a good reason to me. Can you check that on a divorce paper as a real reason? I think not. My husband and I had a year once where we had "grown apart" but we are "grown ups" who know how to come back together. C'mon Klum---get back in the game!

I was so upset over the break up that I actually made the case to husband of why they should stay together--as if my husband could magically phone Seal and be like, "Look Seal, my wife needs you guys to stay together." My husband, for the record, commented only by saying, "Seal? That guy with the busted face?" That made me more upset because that was all part of the charm... yes, Seal has a busted face, but he's nonetheless handsome and Heidi Klum, arguably one of the most beautiful people in the whole wide world, loved him.... how not shallow is that?!

And what--are we supposed to have to look at the tabloid pictures of their rebound relationships?! After their awesomely cute halloween Disney pictures, I just can't bear it. I am going to hold out hope on this one. I am going to think that they are going to separate, see how awful it is and get back together. I'm going with that. Denial.

But I guess sometimes marriage can be just like fashion, and as Heidi Klum says, "One day you're in and the next day, you're out." 

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  1. The fact that neither has taken off their wedding bands since the announcement gives me hope. And he was with her through pregnancy, delivery, and EVEN adopted HER 1st born Lenny...I mean come on, they don't make too many men like that nowadays!!