Saveur's Red Velvet Cake

When it came in the mail it made my mouth water... the picture on the cover of the last issue of Saveur Magazine was a luscious piece of red velvet cake with it's pop of white frosting was a sight to behold. As you should all know well by now, I am not much of a baker. I can whip up savory recipes like no body's business, but when it comes to baking, I am not the wizard I wish I was.

But the sight of that cake inspired something within me. It made me feel bold. Red velvet is my favorite cake. My wedding cake was red velvet.  I knew I would have to follow the recipe to a "t" on this one--and that is hard for me as well. Following recipes doesn't always happen in my world, but I know I have to if I ever want to get cozy with baking. So, with my sister in law Sarah as my sous chef, we set out to make "the" Saveur red velvet cake....

Since it's Monday, I figured you might a little food porn to start your day off right. Let's get this day and week off to a sweet start, shall we?!

The recipe was for the cakes was pretty straight forward. I haven't made a red velvet cake before (well, I have never made a cake from cake flour before) but I have made red velvet cake donuts. But THIS red velvet? Well, it was as soft and wonderful as it could have been.... 

And just the right color, too! Look how red! I was surprised and excited by this... 

The icing... well, that was a different story. I don't think it's evident from the pictures, but I got a slight separation in the icing and it had a heaviness I don't think it was necessarily supposed to have. Luckily, the taste didn't suffer at all! 

The stacking of the cakes was harder than I thought it would be and this was mostly because they were so fluffy and delicate. 

And I guess I also have to cop to the fact that my icing job leaves something to be desired... can anyone out there give me an icing lesson because this never fails to trip me up! 

But, OH! The cake.... look how yummy! A little sloppily iced, sure, but this lacked NOTHING in the taste department. It took less than a week for us to devour this cake. The recipe is pretty spot on and I have to say, if I could bake this cake, then practically anyone should be able to! 

I promise you won't be disappointed! 

Happy Monday! 

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