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Since I do a lot of cooking, I am always looking for more ways to satisfy my appetite for food. Magazines are a great way to get lots of info constantly and so this year, I began subscribing to several magazines that fit the bill.... I thought I would share with you the magazines I have subscriptions to, in case you were looking to build your foodie magazine repertoire!

That, and I like to say “foodie magazine day” just like Billy Madison chants “nudie magazine day.” Is my dork sticking out? Good.


This was the first one I subscribed to, and boy was I impressed! It’s a great magazine that blends articles, essays, and recipes into one lovely publication. They are pretty diverse in their coverage of food, getting in lots of ethic recipes, which is great when I am looking to branch out into something other than Italian cooking.

Saveur is definitely one that I recommend you subscribe to, and one I also save the recipes from. A friend of mine gave me the idea because she had a binder full of her own magazine recipes, and so now I tear mine out and put them behind sheet protectors. That way I can always thumb through and find something awesome to make!

La Cucina Italiana

An entire magazine devoted to Italian cooking!? Yes please! Found it in the airport once, read it in-flight and was hooked! This magazine is the epitome of Italian cooking, and it’s important to note that it’s not the Italian-American version of it... what I enjoy is really sinking my teeth into authentic recipes as well as those that are all fancy pants!

A word to the wise on this magazine, though, some of the ingredients can be hard to find if you are in a small town, like me. If you are in a city, you would probably be able to find them no problemo, so I end up having to make special orders, special trips, and sometimes special substitutions. It’s worth it.

Cook’s Illustrated

I love Cook’s Illustrated! It is THE no-nonsense cooking magazine. They are testers and problem solvers over there, and you know what hey don’t have? Advertising. No distractions, just recipes and helpful kitchen stuff. They even do these great little drawings that are really awesome and detailed.

If you were wondering which pan works better than another, they can tell you. The perfect chicken salad? Check. Tips and tricks without a bunch of gimmicks? Yes sir!

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