Quick Fix: Blood Orange Martini

I'm a bit blood orange obsessed this week.... and every week. I just love the slightly more sour taste of the blood orange to the Florida orange. It makes for a great drink and it's so fast! And I just know that when you get off of work today, you are going to be in need of refreshment because: IT'S FRIDAY! YAY!

A little word on blood orange juice; you can squeeze your own or you can buy it already juiced. I generally like to squeeze my own, but they didn't have any fresh blood oranges at the store, so I had to buy the juice. Que sera. It's all good to me, especially when you add the booze!

And while we are speaking of booze, let's speak of booze. MMMmmmm. Vodka. We're in love. But not all vodka is created the equal, as you likely know. For a drink like this, you need to break out the good stuff. I have certain vodka for bloodies, and nicer vodka for these moments. 

Orange liqueur. But yourself a bottle, it'll last forever and helps you in your drink mixing endeavors! 

Lastly, add your blood orange juice..... and of, course, lots of ice to make it all cold and refreshing! 

And then you gotta shake it! Shake it reeeaaaaal good! 


And share it with someone you love. Or for that matter, share it with someone you hate, it'll make them that much more bearable. Am I wrong? No, of course not. 

Blood Orange Martini 

Time: 5 minutes | Serves 2 | Difficulty: Too Easy 

You Will Need:

2 ounces vodka (more if you like, but I'm not trying to get wasted) 
1 ounce orange liqueur 
3 ounces blood orange juice 



Add your liquids into a shaker. Add ice to fill shaker. 


Pour into fancy pants glasses. 


See what I mean about that being too easy?? 

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