The Seduction of a Woman

I know that I have male readers out there in cyberspace. And I know I have female readers out there who share what they read with their men. This post is for you guys and gals. It came to my attention recently that men may have difficulty in seducing their women... it’s not what you think.

Look, women get horny, just like men do, and so we have sex with them, men that is. This is not the same thing as seducing your woman. Let me be clear: your woman will use you for sex. You might think you did something right to get it, and maybe you did, who knows. But it's not the same thing as seducing a woman--seducing your woman takes finesse. When you seduce your woman, she doesn’t even know what hit her. She’s yours and you can get sexual pleasure out of her like you didn’t even know.

The problem is, gentlemen, you didn’t even know...

So let me tell you. Because I like to be seduced and so does every other woman out there. We want it. We want it baaaaad. Every woman’s scenario will be a little bit different, as will your approach as an individual male, as it were. But the formula is pretty much the same.

The reason you guys are missing the boat, really, is because you are looking for the g-spot when all this time you should have been using her brain. It’s a woman’s biggest pleasure center. She wants to hear things from you---things you haven’t been saying. For instance, that you love the way her breasts fall into perfect teardrop shapes. (yes, you have to use the word breasts.) Or that you just want to be able to grab her and kiss her because she's so beautiful (yes, beautiful).

In case you were wondering, she DOES want you to grab her kiss her, but really she wants to hear you say it first. Then, once you’ve wooed your way into her heart with your very complimentary talk (which can also include words like “I love the curves of your body” and “I love you so very much”) then she wants you to break nasty on her. Break it down you dirty little thing...

Unfortunately, this is where men tend to foul it up a little bit. It’s not entirely your fault. So in your head you might want to say something REALLY dirty... like things I can’t write on here dirty. That’s fine, we get it, we think it sometimes... so take whatever you want to say and then tone it down. This is the art of seduction.

There is only one way I can describe this subtle art. And it comes from an episode of “Girls” on HBO. The guy walks up to the girl and says, “The first time I f*** you, I might scare you a little. Because I’m a man and I know things.” THAT is precisely what a woman wants to hear from you. We don’t need vulgar words or anything too graphic. We want confidence, assuredness and something that tells us something about yourself. So the above-mentioned line is just perfect. Of course, you may need to tweek it a bit to fit your own scenario.

After the kind flattery turns to breaking nasty, then you have to back it up with action. This action should include, but not be limited to, kissing, touching, and lingering. Use your hands, gents. The fact of the matter is, people in general jump right to sex when they ought to be more focused on other things first.

Touch, stroke. Run your hand up the her side and then settle on her breast. Grab her face and look in her eyes and then kiss her deeply. It sounds a little bit dramatic because it IS. It’s awesome when men act like the only thing they have to do in the world is to pleasure the woman of their affection.

And you know what happens? Women get turned on, forget everything and suddenly they want to give you awesome blow jobs or get incredibly vocal or ride you like a stallion.

The formula is as follows:

Awesome, doting compliments + really sexy (but not vulgar) forwardness + awesome touching, face grabbing and/or starring in the eyes = THE SEDUCTION OF A WOMAN.