BIW Versus The Kids on the Bus

The in heck is wrong with kids today? After watching this video  you might be asking yourself the same thing. It's been all over the news lately; this elderly woman who was supposed to be in charge of the supervision of the children on the bus is bullied so relentlessly by them that she breaks down in tears.

When she does, the taunting continues. And these are middle-schoolers. WTF?

When I was in school we had health class and that included a discussion on how to treat the elderly and how to respect them. These kids are seriously lacking respect and a good spanking if you ask me. They are lucky Bossy Italian Wife didn't get on their bus, otherwise there would have been a distinctly different atmosphere.

The things that these kids were saying to this poor woman--calling her fat, telling her to shut the f*ck up, saying that she misses her box of twinkies when she cries--it's all a little bit chilling to see and hear these kids acting this way toward an elderly person. I was completely disgusted by these children and their lack of respect or decency.

There is so much pressure on adults to act a certain way, to turn the other cheek and to set examples for the children in our nation... where was all of that when these little brats were being brought up? And what is going on in Rochester--and our country for that matter--that allows our children to engage in this kind of behavior?! They were not only attacking this woman for her age, but also for her weight and her emotion... is this the standard that we have set in America? If you are overweight, old, or too emotional you are an easy target?!

The elderly have lived their lives, most of them having worked the better part of it, and now that the economy has totally tanked, they are forced to continue working for ungrateful little brats who verbally abuse them. It is madness. This woman shouldn't have to work let alone be abused at her job.

There is a distinct lack of compassion in this country and this is a prime example of that. What we are teaching our children as a country is that they want to be the top dog--they want to rise to the top in all things--and at any cost. We foster a competitive if not outrightly mean atmosphere where money is the main concern, and where bullying is becoming an epidemic that takes no prisoners. If you are perceived as weak, then you are a target for this type of bullying and it's just shocking to me.

I am sick of it. I am sick of seeing bad parenting at it's most shocking all the time. I am sick of these kids on the bus, of the kids whose parents videotape fights they have with other children, and I am sick of there being no consequences for being unkind.

As far as I am concerned, being kind should be the most important thing in the world--not rising to the top of the monetary or power pyramid. Perhaps if we concentrated more on being compassionate and getting to know one another, the country would be better off. We need to have basic respect for all human beings, and especially our elders. That was always taught to me within my Italian-American culture, and I hold that value in high regard.

The kids on the bus need a serious wake up call. What they did was indecent, despicable and their parents should be completely ashamed of themselves for raising scum like that. 

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