Here's "Two" You

The day I officially became a Bossy Italian WIFE! 

Today is my second wedding anniversary. Anniversaries are a weird sort of thing when you get married, at least that is how I have found it. We had our original anniversary, which was Halloween and then we had to trade that for our wedding anniversary. When people ask how long I have been married, I always feel a need to say "but we've been together [X amount of years]."

So today I have been married two years, but we have been together eight a half years total.

A lot has gone down in those eight and half years...heck, a whole lot has gone down in just those two years of marriage. In the eight plus years we've been together we've lost family members and friends to tragedies, seen couples marry and divorce, become aunt and uncle to my [younger] brother's child, gone through countless jobs and other changes, and learned a great deal about life itself.

Someone once said to me that monogamy is a beautiful and strange journey. He was right about that. It's a path you choose to take with someone and whether or not it lasts, the things you learn stick with you. I am constantly astonished about how the changes I have undergone as well as the things that have stayed the same at a core level.

I am so changed because of my relationship with my husband--mostly for the better. I have learned so many things that I know I could not list them all, but you know, I thought I would give it a try. Because, although my husband and I are far from perfect, I like to think we get a little bit closer each day. Maybe some of you can relate with my list... maybe some of you are still on your way there. Some of you still may be looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right and to that I say don't ever rush the process.

Where ever you find yourself in love, I guarantee you, it's a good place to be. There is ALWAYS more to learn.

Here's "two" you, babe. Happy Anniversary!

Things I have learned from my marriage [so far]:

-You can't always talk an issue to death, sometimes you just have to shut up!
-It really is nice to have someone to come home to.
-Even when my life is at its worst, I am still really lucky.
-Love is infinite. Every time I think I've hit the top, I haven't a clue how much more there is.
-Love really is patient, even if I am not. My love allows me patience I could not otherwise muster!
-Sometimes I'm right, but sometimes so is my husband. It's a team, you gotta work together.
-If you don't learn from your mistakes, they will swallow you whole.
-Life is better together than it will ever be apart.
-Love doesn't require you both to be the same person. For real.
-Honesty ALWAYS wins. Always.
-Support is just as important as love.

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