Bossy Italian Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

I held out as long as I possibly could on this book, but by the way people were talking about it, I knew it had to be read. And so, last week, I downloaded it on my Kindle and began to read... and I read..and I read... and I read until I had devoured the entire dirty tale in less than 24 hours.

What I can say about the book is that it isn't especially well-written, but who in the heck cares about that when there are such steamy scenes playing out between it's pages?! The tale of the wealthy Mr. Christian Grey and his new interest Anastasia Steele made my loins quiver in the most literal sense of the word. It's such a page turner and the sexually explicit nature of the book left me panting.

It's the basic dominance fantasy... what woman wouldn't want a man who wants nothing more than to shower her with gifts and have sex with her--tantalizing her with new, exquisite fantasies--every second of the day? Sure, Mr. Grey might be a little weird, but he is just as much a conquest as is his Ana, who he desperately seeks to make his submissive.

Before I read the book, I heard that it was basically "BDSM for beginners," but whatever the case may be, the scenarios are downright dirty and made me blush.... like, I found it was hard to read it with anyone else in the room, blush. Reading the book before bed the night I started it resulted in my waking my husband in the middle of the night for an especially raunchy sex session... and what did I do next? Picked up book up at 4:00am and read some more.

Madness, I tell you, pure madness! But in only the best ways. This book could quite possibly save sexless marriages across the nation!

Surely, for some, this is just not going to be their cup of tea. For me, I was totally willing to overlook some of the less than stunning literary points of the book (like the repetitive language and the lack of sophistication)  in the name of carnality. The plot is great and that can't be denied... does genius always need to use big words and complicated story lines to get our attention? Apparently not. This book is sex, pure and simple. It's a fantasy, and a good one at that. Sexually creative, and tailor made for horny women the world over who really have this stuff in their head anyway and are just too afraid to verbalize it, I know why all you dirty women like it!

I guess I have to count myself among the filthy women who loved the fantasy of Mr. Grey and I am ready for his darker shades in book two... which I have already downloaded. Tititate me, Mr. Grey! 

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