Quick Fix: Fancy Ice Cubes

I kept seeing them on Pinterest, and then I ended up with these blackberries that I thought might go bad and then it hit me: make fancy ice! Next thing I knew, I had fancy ice fever, and I went ahead and made other cubes, this time with mint. I must say, they went perfectly in my spiked lemonade I made later that night.

This is the quickest of quick fixes and perfect for summer, if you ask me. You can go crazy with these, using up fruit that is about to turn, or just for the heck of it. I also plan on doing this with basil for a savory cocktail... or with raspberries... or strawberries!! You are limited only by your imagination.

A word on ice cube trays... silicone are the best. As for those of you with automatic ice makers, I haven't got a clue about it. We're old fashioned and we make ice the old fashioned way. So, pop these little suckers into cubes in the morning and when you get home from work, you've got fancy ice for your fancy-pants self.

Extra berries? Berry nice to meet your acquaintance... let's make ice together! 

These are oversized ice cubes, which are perfect for big drinks made in a pitcher! I added two big ol' blackberries to each cube receptacle. 

Add filtered water. 

Observe, and then freeze! 

Invigorated by my berry ice experience, I went to my garden and picked some mint! 

And I tore it into pieces! 

Using a standard ice tray, I put two pieces of mint in each tray, and added water. 

YAY! And freeze... and then YAY again! 

Check it out! Perfect little berry and minty goodness-y. Yes, we should have drinks, don't you think!? 

Berry-Kool Ice Cubes 

Time: 5 minutes | Serves: drinks | Difficulty: Can you pour water into a little tray? Then we're good. 

You Will Need: 

Ice tray, preferably silicone
Mint or berries, or both 


Put your mint or your berries into the empty ice cube tray. 

Fill with water. 

Freeze (takes about 4-5 hours). 

Enjoy in a great glass of water, juice, iced tea, or alcoholic beverage of your choice. Hopefully you will also use this to impress your friends... because you can. 

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