Condom Nation

I went off birth control because it was turning me into an anxiety monster. I was afraid of everything, all the time, and after several doctor's appointments and supposed "solutions" I was told it was my birth control. This was a difficult decision for me, but long story short, I am not trying to get pregnant, and I am not on birth control.... and I enjoy a healthy sex life with my husband.

Did I also mention that I am allergic to latex?

All of these situations converged to present me (and my husband) with quite a quagmire. First of all, I made the decision to use a sort of rhythm method. I am tracking my ovulation, so when I am not ovulating, we don't use backup birth control. But when I am ovulating, well, that is a different story because, like I said, we aren't baby ready.

Ovulation, as it turns out, makes a woman incredibly turned on. It is nearly impossible for me NOT to jump my husband's bones. The option I have is to use condoms that are not latex based. As it turns out, all non-latex condoms are not created equally. If you, too, have a latex allergy, well, I am here to help you because no woman should have to suffer these inferior options if they don't have to!

Lambskin Condoms: 

Yea, it's a little weird... it's made out of lamb's intestines. But to tell you the truth, it hardly bothered me. The thing about these condoms? They won't irritate the latex sensitive guy or gal, but they feel a little like having a trash bag on the wiener. So they totally aren't my first choice. At all.

They have no give, so they barely stretch. These also don't grip the penis toward the base, so they slip, like, a lot. UGH. Also, these don't protect you from STDs. Go figure.

Lifestyle's Skyn 

These are made of polyisoprene. So they are supposedly good for latex sensitivity. They fit well, they stay in place, and feel sort of like traditional condoms... they give you infections like traditional condoms too. Lesson learned...lesson burned.

I wish I had googled these condoms before using them because the pain they caused was hardly worth it. I would rather use lambskin than have the experience of these condoms again... also, these are less than gentle on the male. Major soreness from friction= that sucks.

Trojan Supra

DING DING DING! We have a winner. Made from polyurethane and engineered to be super thin, this is the closest thing a non latex girl is getting to the real thing, if you know what I mean. They didn't irritate me or my husband... in fact, I barely felt the thing and THAT is precisely what I want in a condom because, let's face it, no one really enjoys using them to begin with.

Also, they have lubrication, which is awesome for the gents. I have found my match and I am never going back!!

Just a note, I have also heard great things (in the form of internet reviews about Durex Avanti, but unfortunately, they are always out of those at the store so I haven't had the "pleasure".)

Happy [safe sex] everyone!