An Open Letter To My Rubber Gloves

Dear Rubber Gloves:

I have been meaning to write you for a while, but I have been busy [mostly in the kitchen.] You see, that is why I have been meaning to write actually. Because I used to be afraid of doing the dishes by hand. I would listen as my girlfriends told me that their dishwashers worked, but they preferred to do dishes by hand. I just didn't feel the same....

In fact, sometimes I would just use steak knives when all my hand wash only knives were dirty because, if I am being perfectly honest, doing the dishes by hand was turning my hands into the Sahara Desert...all the hand lotion in the world wasn't helping, but my fear was growing.

Then, one day when my mom and I were about to can some pepper jelly, I needed a pair of gloves to chop them. I accidentally bought a pair of non latex gloves instead of the two pairs of disposable gloves I thought I was getting--it was the best purchase mistake I ever made. Suddenly, I didn't mind doing the dishes by hand, and it has changed my life.

In addition to not being afraid of doing anymore, I am also no longer afraid of slicing hot peppers. I can clean stuff with bleach again--like the sink and the bathtub. I know that some people might say I shouldn't use harsh chemicals, and I am sure they are right, but I love that smell of toxins that lets me know it's all disinfected and ready to be re-infected by my cruddy habits--and I have you to thank, gloves.

I love you gloves, and I don't care who knows it! Sometimes my husband's friends come over, and there I am--standing over the sink with my apron and gloves on--and I am unashamed! I love the freedom you give me. One might not know it, one might not seek it, but it's there nonetheless.

So thank you, rubber gloves. You have changed the way I look at a sink full of dishes, dirt of all kinds, and hot peppers that need slicing.

All my love,

Bossy Italian Wife 

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