That's A Wrap!

Christmas season is filling me with joy. So much joy, in fact, that this year I wanted to try making my own wrapping paper...well, okay, I didn't actually make the paper itself, but I added the holiday *sparkle* to the paper.

Let me get semi-serious for a moment here. Have you priced wrapping paper lately?! I don't know about you, but I am on a budget and it's tight. I don't have all this money to be a-wasting on a wrapping. Turns out, brown mailing paper is half (sometimes more than half!) the pricey price of holiday wrapping paper. So I decided I would do it myself. 'Cause I'm feeling it.

So I did. And guess what? It was fun! Not only that, but I feel like my little artistic touches really gave the presents an extra POW that will make people smile this season.

The first gift of Christmas--wrapped! I was really proud of myself considering this was my "experimental" present. (That's code for, I wasn't sure how to paint a snowflake.) I think I did pretty good. 
Then I found this yarn and did a little bow! I was really happy with the color palette. It's not completely evident from this photo, but I also used glitter mod podge to give the snow flakes some pizazz! 

On this gift, I went for the same color palette but used a cut out heart from some paper I had. I didn't want to paint too many of my father in law's gifts all cool--I don't want anyone to think I am playing favorites, after all. 

What is evident? That I used glitter mod podge. These sparkles make me happy, what can I say?

After the snow flakes, I was ready to tackle a snow man. I didn't give him arms because I was afraid he would unwrap this present before Christmas....just in case you were wondering. The hat was a bonus, though. 

I did a tree for a my mom, but I topped it with a heart because stars just don't have the same type of love I wanted to convey in the painting of this tree. Then I cut out some paper to make presents and even glued some "ribbons" on top. (The mini gifts under the painted tree were my crowning achievement for this wrap session, I guess you could say!) 

All in an evening's work! 

I have to say that I was already really excited for the glitter mod podge but once I stuck my presents under the tree, I grew exponentially MORE excited because the gifts sparkle under the Christmas lights. 
It's the little things. 

Of course this isn't ALL my presents, I am still working on the stash but I am almost done, and looking forward to packing the goods under the tree to marvel at! 

So tell me, are you doing anything special for gift wrapping this year? Do you go all out every year?? Send me pictures at and I'll post your homemade gift wrapping pictures on my blog!!! 

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  1. Yeah I make wrapping papers too. Not only they save your money but you really enjoy decorating them. They keep your mind creative and artistic!