We Need To Talk About XMas...

The other day I had posted on FaceBook about my wrapping paper, which, let's all take a moment to appreciate. I was running late on my way to Pilates class, and so I quickly posted my blog link and said, "Happy Xmas." When I got back from  the gym, I was cruising FaceBook and saw someone posted a status about using the phrase "Xmas" as a way to take Christ out of Christmas.

Now, I totally realize that this person could have a million friends on FaceBook and not be talking about me at all, but FaceBook and cyber space are so random, and well... I felt like it could have been about me. So I had to chime in. Because the "X" in "Xmas" stands for Christ. REALLY.

Don't believe me? READ IT HERE. In case your clicking finger is tired this morning, like mine, I'll just explain it to you. The symbol X comes from the Greek word "chi" which translates as "Christ." The "mas" part comes from the latin side of things and means "Mass." So the X is an acceptable abbreviation for the longer word. Sort of like how we say "OK" instead of "Okay." Which is totally okay [or ok] with me, depending on how much time you have to type things out before Pilates on any given Thursday.

The real point in all this though isn't really about Christ or X in front of the latin root for Mass. It's really  just about division during what is supposed to be a season of love and connectedness. I consider myself to be a tolerant person, and I like to give others the benefit of the doubt. Certainly I don't go around trying to offend anyone with my personal beliefs or political rhetoric or whatever else offends people. But it  happens anyway.

Sometimes you are just perceiving you are offending someone because they post a status downing people for what others do and you happen to fall in that category. No one wants to feel like a big fat jerk, right???

The quickest path to understanding is speaking to one another. So in the spirit of Christ and X's and stuff, I wanted to let everyone know about the X in Xmas. So now you know. Because when I told my friend on FaceBook, she was surprised to learn about it, and I like to think grateful too. I didn't have to be all like, "Oh I've offended her" because I was able to explain myself. And that kind of understanding--her knowing I wasn't trying to be offensive and me understanding how important her religion is to her--is a beautiful thing.

Merry Christmas everyone. 

Oh, and Happy Xmas too! 

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