Recipes for Sex CHALLENGE!!!

It's hump day and if there is anything my readers should know about me by now it's that I love to eat and I that I love to have sex. So, I have been brewing a little challenge over here and now it's time for the big unveil. First, a little backstory.....

...My husband and I are about to celebrate ten whopping years of togetherness in October. That is a ton of time together. Now, you all know that I am not shy when it comes to discussing sex, but this is a little embarrassing, even for me. Because when it comes to being a human, you always want to put out there like you and yours are doing it like rabbits, right? You don’t see people out there being like, “My husband and I never have sex and we are SO PROUD!” (If you do, ignore them.)

It’s not even close to my husband and I not having sex, but what I am admitting is this: I frequently overeat and I am rarely in the mood for sex after dinner because I am too full. Ray Charles said that “the nighttime is the right time” but I am pretty sure he should have added, “As long as you didn’t eat the fired chicken, the mashed potatoes, the green beans and dessert.” Because then the nighttime is coma-on-the-couch time.

 I know that overeating at dinner is totally within my control...logically. It’s just that FEEL powerless to stop it when something totally awesome is in front of me. It’s not like I am thinking to myself, “would I like to have sex after this?” I am more along the lines of, “How quickly can consume this so I can eat more of it?” 

Maybe I have a problem. 

BUT THEN, the other night, we had dinner and it was one of those nights where (magically) I didn’t overeat. This was mostly due to my portion size which was (miraculously) normal. And then we had sex. It wasn’t planned or anything-- imagine that.  [End of back story, in case you were wondering] 

So, the whole thing got me to thinking... what if I cooked for sex? Then I was thinking even more and I was like, "What if I challenge my readers to have more sex and cook great stuff with me?!!?!" 

GUYS, this is a cooking/sex challenge!!! The challenge will be two fold...sometimes there will be sex first and food second and other times there will be food first and sex second. Either way, this challenge is designed to help you eat great and have more sex. It's kind of like a recipe guide to getting laid!!! 

Let's face it, life is busy and it's easy to overlook making time for love or great food, but now we are going to be doing both! I want you all to participate by cooking the recipes, trying to get laid and then letting me know how it worked (either the cooking, the sex, or both!) Send me an email, leave me a comment, or send me messenger pigeon and let me know how it's going!!! You can tell your significant other--or you can just go for it and see how the sparks fly!!! 

Ready? The challenge starts next week ON HUMP DAY! So get ready for a little love and some great food...and share this with all your friends, so they can do it too!

How excited are you?! Are you going to participate? Let me know in the comments section below!

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