"We Three Canners" Film Our TV Debut!

It was great having this big camera in the kitchen!
So lately things have been a little bit busy...it's the high canning season 'round these parts, as well as my high work season. 'Busy' has been the name of the game and it's been rather nice to keep up a certain pace. Well just as I was hitting my stride, guess who came a-knockin'??!!

Give up?

It was the local TV station!! They wanted to do a segment on our canning group, We Three Canners, for a segment on their show. So, we canners got ourselves together, called Parson's Produce, cleaned the heck out of our houses and prepared to make our television debut!

If there is one thing I love, it's cooking on television...seriously. It's just one of the best feelings for me because I love sharing all the great stuff I have learned with other people. Now, I have appeared on Delmarva Life before, which I did in the studio, and THAT, I tell you was a ball. This time, though, I got to do it with my mother-in-law and my mother, so it was extra special for me.

Lisa was a lot of fun!! 
We got to hang with Lisa Bryant, show her our canning and even put her to work a bit in the kitchen! I don't want to give up what we canned...because I want you to tune in September and watch it!

Our segment is going to air on WBOC, our local station, on Delmarva Life August 22nd. The show airs at 4pm, so make sure to mark your calendar and set your DVR so that you can see We Three Canners, canning up a storm, and generally just loving life.

So, let's play a little game in the meantime...what do you all think we canned on tv? Leave it for me in comment section below! 

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