Waste of Space: Bread Slicer Thingy

I'm a gadget gal. I love my little gadgets and I tend to buy a lot of them. I use them, too, unlike some people who purchase them for the novelty and then can't seem to get on board with putting them to good use.

I'm usually pretty positive....but lately I have been cleaning out my house and trying to reorganize a bit. That has me finding a lot of things that just aren't that great. These items are a waste of my space, and I want to take a few moments to tell you about how much they suck. You know, so you don't waste your time buying them and your space storing them.

For my wedding I got a bread maker, which I use all the time and totally love...one problem: I was haing trouble slicing bread sandwich style. On a trip to the thrift store, I foudn this gem...it's a bread slicer thingy. Yep, techincal. 

You are supposed ot put the bread in the thing and then, you guessed it, slice away. But the slices are kind of thick and honestly, my problem wasn't really the fact that I couldn't slice bread right--it was that I didn't have the right knife. 

Once I updated my knife, well, this little bread slicer thingy became obsolete. 

Since then, this thing has been collecting dust and not slicing bread. Oh, AND, just in case this thing isn't obnoxious enough, it has a detachable part of it that never wants to stay attached. So while you are trying to slice the bread you've made and making it a mangled mess, the little section to support the bread is coming off and making a big, crummy mess.

So in case you were wondering if you should get a bread slicer like this, DON'T. It's a waste of space. Instead, perhaps try a better knife. Practice makes perfect, of course.

Tell me, what is the biggest waste of space you have ever encountered? Leave it for me in the comments section below. 

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