This Week In Nesting....

So I told you all last week about how I was beginning to nest like maniac. Well, maniac status has been surpassed, I would say, but I am on the wind down considering all that has been accomplished. I had these lists in my phone of all the things that needed to be done before the baby got it  wish list of sorts because I certainly didn't think that we would be accomplishing all of those things.

This is the bit where I have to give some praise where the praise is due: my husband. This man spent last weekend helping me check off major things on my list and now I feel like a nested bird, ready for my baby. Last weekend we:

-Got our new king sized bed for our bedroom (perfect for co-sleeping with our new baby!)
-Got all the crap that you need when you buy a new bed (comforter, duvet, sheets, bedskirt, mattress pad, and foam topper)
-Moved the old bed into the guest room
-Got the piano out of the guest rom (it went to friends, who are very much enjoying it now!)
-Gave away the futon in the guest room to my husband's sister
-Got the carpet for the baby's room
-Got new beds for the dogs (because they needed to feel special, right?)
-Found a new bed for the cat because he was being displaced from his place under the bed
-Officially moved the bassinet into our bedroom.... (OMG I have a bassinet in my bedroom.)

That is a lot of stuff, right? It's not just me...

This week I kept the whole nesting movement going with some finishing touches including getting the guest room more fully conceptualized, hanging the rest of the shower curtain stuff and getting the bathroom more organized. I figured I would share a few pictures of my nesting adventures because, really, why not?

So, with everything going on, I found this cute hook thingy. Perfect for hanging all the dog's collars and leashes on in their room. Yes, they have their own room...what can I say? It just happened that way years ago and it stuck. 

And I got my cat this bed. It's called a "honeycomb" which I thought was cute. I worried that he wasn't going to like it, but after a few days, he seems to have warmed up to it. Not that you can tell from the look on his face or anything. Sour puss. 

This makes me particularly's my cheese thingy that I found at the thrift store years ago. I never use it, but I would not part with it because it's too stinking cute. That's when it occurred to me that it's the perfect soap display! People always get us soap, which is funny because as much as I love to look at these soaps, I can't use them. I have sensitive skin, so I can only use one kind of soap. Now, I feel like I can enjoy the soap...and the cheese thingy. 

Guest room throw pillows! These make me so happy. I don't know why, but throw pillows just say "luxury" to me. And throw pillows in the guest room say, "I am glad you came to stay." 

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