BIW Versus The Political Climate

Is it just me or are things getting tense out there? This Occupy Wall Street stuff has really inflamed a lot of people.... I used to be the type of person who just loved to debate politics; I felt so passionately about it and I wanted to share that passion with everyone. Nowadays, I stray away from political banter, especially with people who don't share my views. It's not that I am not open for discussion, I just really don't want to offend the people I care about.

Not all people I care about seem to share this outlook.

I have to say that sometimes it's hard to go on Facebook because a lot of people like to use FB to share their political ideals... I get it. Sharing is caring, for some. But it also adds to a political climate that is less than desirable. I am endlessly tired of the American people being so very divided. I don't think it serves us, or our government when we all scramble to hurl insults at the other side.

It seems that people really like to box themselves into different parties; republican, democrat, that sort of thing. And that is fine... it's much like people who choose to affiliate with religions. Often times they gain support and strength from these things. However, it seems that it also comes with another [perhaps unintended] side effect: competition.

I look around and it's "I think this, and you think that." People have a notion that if they are republican and someone else is democrat that these things are juxtaposed, and so therefore there are "sides." While we don't all believe the same things, we are a part of the human family, and certainly I believe that we have much more in common than we think we do. Indeed, I used to be the kind of liberal who thought that all republicans were either rich or crazy.... am no longer that kind of liberal.

I am a huge fan of the Dalai Llama, and for changing my view on politics and religion, I have him to thank. I used to think that everyone should be liberal, and there should be one world religion, but I have come to realize that our diversity is precisely what protects us as people. The Dalai Llama explains that without diversity, we are not afforded the same opportunities. And that rather than trying to convert or change anyone, we should simply respect their beliefs.

If you encounter someone from another religion, for instance, you should never try to convert them to your belief. Instead, you should ask them to follow their beliefs "as sincerely and truthfully as possible." This is how they will gain the most benefit. We should extend this to politics as well.

Suffice it to say that we all believe [or should believe] in the greater good of society. So you are a republican, and someone else is a democrat, and the next guy is an independent. You should all try to follow your beliefs as sincerely and truthfully as possible. Don't try to convert anyone to your beliefs.... belief is personal, and I believe it should be. Instead, practice tolerance and know that our diversity is what keeps us fresh and able to function in a multicultural society.

...Because in the end, we are all just people, and we are all in this together. 

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