A Halloween Love Story

I love Halloween! It's just a great holiday, if you ask me. You get to eat a bunch of candy, dress up, and best of all, you don't have to buy anyone anything! Yep, my kinda holiday. But for me, Halloween is also special  for another reason because it is the day when my husband and I made things official. It's pre-marriage anniversary.

Today marks 8 wonderful years of together for Daren and I, which is no small feat... thank the gods that we are out of the 7 year itch phase, anyway! Haha. But, I thought that, in the name of love and anniversaries and all, I would tell you the story of how Daren and I met and came to be.

It was a week before Halloween, 2003, and I had gone over to a friend's house to hang out... I was newly broken up with a boyfriend, and looking to reconnect with old friends. We had grown bored at her house, and so we ventured over to her sister's house, just down the road. Her sister wasn't home, but her roommate, Daren, was. The minute we walked into the house, it was like looking through one of those fish-eye lenses--- I saw him and only him.

We spent the night partying, sitting side by side on his yellow leather couch and watching TV. There were other people there, and surely they joined in our conversation, but I swear I didn't hear a word they said. The night went by, and my friend and I left... I didn't even get his phone number.

Lucky for me, a week later (Halloween) there was a party in their neck of the woods. My friend invited me to tag along, and I accepted, asking only one question, "Will Daren be there?" She didn't know, but I had already concocted a plan: I was going to sleep over at his house, and share his bed that night. The truth was, Daren being 6 years older than I, I thought that perhaps I wouldn't prime dating material... what I did know? I was a great lay, and I wanted to sleep with this gorgeous man! Now that, I figured, I could accomplish.

Fast forward to the evening, I am all decked out in my German brothel whore costume, and my friend drags me to a bar. She says casually, "we are just going to grab a drink, and we'll be on our way." What she failed to tell me was that was where Daren was working. I turned the corner, and there he was! I tried my very best to play it cool.....

"So, um, you going to this party tonight?"

"Maybe," he says, all cool and stuff and looking so hot, "I don't really have a costume."

"Well, do you have a suit? You can wear that and be my date." I was going for broke on this one.

"I think I do have a suit, actually." He seemed a little shy, so I went in for the kill.

"You know, I was thinking, I would like to stay at your house tonight. We can have sex, and then if you like me, you can ask me to dinner."

It was about that time, without another word spoken that my friend whisked me away and we went to the party.... I waited, and waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity. The party might have been fun, I don't remember because I was consumed with the thoughts of whether or not Daren would show up to the party....in a suit.

It was 5 of 11 o'clock and people were starting to leave. It was becoming apparent that I had to leave, and I thought my chance was blown. He wasn't coming. And then, as we were nearly exiting the door, there he was: in a white suit, looking dapper, and as though he had rushed to make it. I tried to hide my utter elation.

He offered me a ride, and suggested we go to another party. I didn't hesitate. In the driveway of the party, we ended up kissing. Well, making out is more like it, and I felt these little tingles all over my body. It was at that moment when I realized that Daren was a real gentleman. "Can I ask you to dinner now?" He asked me so sweetly, but I was obsessed with seeming like a "no strings attached" kind of gal. "You can ask me tomorrow," I said with a smile.

The next morning, after what can only be classified as wonderfully passionate sex, he asked me to dinner, and I said yes. And the rest, as they say, is history. That was 8 years ago. When I think of it, I always smile because for the very first time in my young life, I wasn't looking for a relationship... and in that moment of not looking was when I found the one person I had always hoped was out there: the one for me.

I love him a million times more today than I did then, of course. My love only grows deeper with each passing moment. It's funny how love grows and morphs over time and turns into something you never expected....and could never live without. 

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