Top 5 Foodie Shows!

I am certainly a foodie. I am SO into food that some days, I think I am literally going nutso over it. I make too many trips to the grocery, and by far, food is eating up most of my money. But who am I to care, I am too busy eating great food to notice my dwindling funds!

Sometimes, though, a gal has to take a step back from the stove in order to learn a little more about her favorite medium, and so I also watch a lot of television. This includes a lot of shows that revolve around (you guessed it) FOOD! Here are my favorite shows for the foodie in you!

#5- Kitchen Nightmares
I love seeing Gordon Ramsey in action; he’s a culinary genius. And I also love seeing the train wrecked restaurants he miraculously turns around. Also a plus? I feel right at home yelling at the television during the show. “C’mon you donkey!”

#4- Top Chef: Just Desserts
Desserts not your forte? Not mine, either... well, at least that is what I thought until I started tackling them. This show helped me gain some confidence in the dessert department, and it’s also very entertaining. It’s got that same Top Chef format that we all love, but with the sweet twist of desserts.

Let’s face it, desserts and pastries are pretty, and fun to look at.

#3- The Chew 
This is a great new show on ABC during the day. They give the run down on entertaining and cooking, and it’s talk meets cook, which I love. It’s like The View, with more testosterone and calories!! Definitely DVR this show so you can watch it when you get home from work. I just love it.

#2- Top Chef 
The original Top Chef show is just great. I have learned a lot about food from the show and been inspired to great culinary ideas. I am also a HUGE fan of savory foods. I most often am reaching for something salty before I reach for something sweet, and so I love the combinations. I love watching what the chefs can come with in the heat of the moment.

#1- Anna & Christina’s Grocery Bag 
My mother saw this show on the Oprah Network and insisted I DVR it (because it comes on at 6:00 AM!) I did, and I was so excited by how much I loved it. The two women are hilarious, and they test cookbooks in allotted amounts of time and then invite a real chef from that cooking genre over to rate their performance. It’s funny, it’s real, and it’s just the type of thing I love to do at home!

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