Epic [Cookie] Fail

Just when you think you are on a roll, the roll turns on you, doesn't it? One leisurely afternoon a couple of weeks ago I thought it was a delightful idea to engage in a little cookie making. I was feeling my holiday spirit, and I thought a ricotta lemon cookie sounded divine. When I tried to make this recipe, though, something went wrong... horribly wrong.

I followed the recipe pretty religiously, so I think that the problem was really in one of the ingredients... like maybe the baking powder went bad, if that is even possible. I will be investing in new baking powder. But ingredient arguments aside, I know you use be wondering how epically did I fail exactly? Well, the taste was there, but the cookies themselves turned into a sort of cake, not cookies at all.

I took pictures, as usual, so that you could share in my utter disappointment of the cookies that never were...

It started out innocently enough: salt meets baking power meets all purpose flour..... 

I took the room temp butter

Added my sugar, and beat it for 3 minutes 

I added the lemon, ricotta, eggs, etc. 

Then dry ingredients meet wet ingredients 

...And it looked like we were headed for ricotta cookie bliss! 

Then it happened: they started to spread....

...and spread. 

Oh the humanity! 

So, my baking readers... what the heck do YOU think went wrong? I cooked 'em off anyway, and they really did taste great. I took the disappointment much better this time, too. [You might recall my epic meltdown over the scrapple a couple of months ago...] So at least there's that. Either way, these cookies and I did not jive this first time around. You betcha next time will be different! 


  1. Baking powder that's lost its oomph can definitely do this. I had a similar experience with brownies that didn't bake up properly due to no-longer-active baking powder. The easiest thing to do is to test your baking powder - put about a teaspoon or so in a heatproof bowl, and pour in some boiling water. If the powder bubbles up a ton, the baking powder is still good. If it doesn't, or only foams a tiny bit, it's not good any more.

    I also had the misfortune of trying to bake bread with instant active yeast that had died off. Bread never rose. Threw out the old jar of yeast, got a new one, bread is wonderful again.

  2. Thanks Elle Marie! I definitely think it was the baking powder--but I LOVE your tip on how to test! VERY helpful!

    I may get the hang of this baking thing yet!

  3. I've had an experience or two like this with whoopie pies, too. The caramel apple ones for Friendsgiving met a similar fate. Elle Marie stole the words out of my mouth about baking powder and yeast!