Roast Duck

I wanted nothing more than to roast a duck, but first I had to find one. That, in Sussex County, Delaware, is easier said than done. I kid you not. Going out and buying a duck is something people in cities probably take for granted, but here they are farther and fewer in between.

That was why I was jumping up and down excited when I came across one in a local supermarket. When I asked my awesome check-out lady Ms. Doll if they would be carrying them regularly, she said no. Only at the holidays. So, people of Sussex County, you betta run and getcha ducks. They might already be gone.

Anyway, roast a duck I did, (of course, using Julia Child's recipe!) and it was literally everything I wanted it to be. Roasting a duck, surprisingly, is like roasting a chicken, but you get a lot of fat of it. I love the taste of duck meat. It's dark meat, which is my favorite. To hell with white meat, I say! Best of all? The fat... oh the fat!

I got more than a half of cup of fat from my duck. Now, I know you might be wondering why I am so crazy for the fat, but nothing is like cooking with REAL fat over butter. It adds a ton of flavor. I also read that you can use the duck fat by slathering it over a chicken and roasting it... a chicken in duck's clothing, if you will. Uh-huh! Oh, and it keeps in the fridge for about a month, so you don't need to rush to use it. More on using the fat in a later post--on to the pictures!

You have already tied the legs together and wrestled with the wings, which you eventually gave up on. 

Make little cuts in the skin (be sure not to pierce the meat, though!) cross ways. 

Salt and pepper your bird, and place some cute little veggies around it! 

Ain't she purdy?! And look at that leg tying job! (I think Julia Child would get quite a laugh out of it) 

I will also admit that I tried (desperately) to truss the bird, and I gave up. When I first trussed, I guess I had a case of beginners luck because this time around, it seemed like a painful, frustrating process... hence, the giving up part! 

As the bird roasts, a lot of fat will come off. Scoop it out and place it in a container for later use. Trust me, you want to save this awesome fat! 

When the bird is all roasted up, transfer to a plate and admire it. 

Then take your cast iron pan and put it on the stove. 

Mash the veggies, add some broth (I used veggie broth, but you can also use beef broth or duck broth, if you have it), and make a little gravy! 

Then pour that awesome gravy over your perfectly roasted duck! 

Stand back and admire the duck you made because YOU are amazing! 

You are a kitchen jedi. 

Have your dad carve the roasted bird, and then in the middle of his carving, make him pose for a picture! 

(Thanks, Dad! I love you!) 

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  1. I'm interested in making this but where's the recipe?? Thank you!