Meet My Sous Chef, Oscar

Most of my pictures on here either feature food, or a picture of me making food, but one thing you might not know is that beneath my feet stands a proud little man we call “Oscar.” He just turned 7 years old on Monday, and in honor of his birthday, I wanted to introduce you to my dachshund, and very loyal kitchen mate. There is ne’er a meal that he doesn’t watch me prepare, and I would like you all to meet him!

Ever since he arrived home from the pet store, Oscar and I were in love with each other. Obviously, he is very easy to love, and so we spent hours and hours cuddling together when he was a tiny, wrinkled little puppy. One time, when he was still a very tiny little pup, he slept for something like 16 hours straight--wouldn’t even go outside. I was so worried, I actually phoned the vet, declaring him “lethargic.” They told me he was fine.

Oscar is very much like me. He likes to do the things that I like to do... lounge about the house, cook, read, lay in bed too long, and cuddle. He also likes to steal my coffee, and has done this more than one occasion. Rainy days are never a problem for us. They are merely an excuse to work from bed and watch the rain fall.

As a cooking partner, he is everything a gal could ask for. He listens intently, but always lets me decide, and he eats whatever I drop. Whenever I make something involving flour, he ends up looking like a reverse dalmatian, and it’s quite amusing. (I have yet to snag a picture of that, but one of these days...) He also seems to intuitively guess my movements, dodging me as I zip through the kitchen.

I don’t know what I would do without Oscar in my kitchen. We have a wonderful time together, and yes, I talk to my dog. I sing to him, too... mostly show tunes, but you never can tell. Best of all, with Oscar at my feet, I never feel alone. Even if he is only there for the food!

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