Occupy Your Kitchen

There are a lot of occupations going on right now--from Wall Street to San Francisco, people are gathering. People are standing up for their rights as Americans, and asking for equality. They are the self-proclaimed 99% of Americans who want a fair shake. I stand in support of these people, which is why I thought I should occupy something as well.

I have chosen my kitchen.

I want people to join me in this occupation and get back to basics when it comes to the kitchen. When is the last time you made a homemade biscuit? How about homemade pasta sauce? Homemade pasta? When is the last time you challenged yourself in the kitchen and came out the other side with a delicious dish? When you occupy your kitchen, you just may learn something you didn't know you had in you.

The wide availability of so many [awesome] restaurants is a great part of the American experience, but what about the skills we have lost in the shuffle of a fast-paced life, full of meal options. When you occupy your kitchen, you can release yourself from the chains of instant, imitation, and plain sub-par food.

Lately, I have been spreading my wings by making more and more recipes that I have never made, and it is so much fun. I find that when I make new recipes, it unfolds things about food I never knew before. Or it helps me put together combinations I might not have thought of. Another thing I love about tackling new recipes is that I am becoming a more intuitive home chef. I have begun tweaking things here or there, or immediately picking up on inconsistencies in recipes--whether they call for too much liquid, or too little, I can spot it!

So how can you get involved with Occupy Your Kitchen? Here's the challenge. Grab a cookbook, a glass of wine (or bloody mary, as it were) and pick a recipe you have never made before. Make the recipe and snap a few pictures of yourself doing it. Then, send me your pictures and a paragraph or two on your experience of occupying your kitchen (send it to Bossyitalianwife@yahoo.com), and I'll post it on the blog!

If you occupy your kitchen, it will most definitely help save the world. So, what are you waiting for? Get in there!!! Happy occupation! 

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