I Have [Yogurt] Issues

I have yogurt issues, and apparently they run deep. Months ago, I confessed to all of you out there about how my old yogurt in the fridge was just for show... Well thankfully my husband placed that yogurt in the trash, and I should probably be embarrassed that it was just recently, but I don't care all that much because I was too busy moving on to bigger and better yogurt problems.

This summer has been wicked hot... and for that reason (obviously) we have been gravitating toward ice cream. It's just so good and creamy and yummy, but I hate the way it stays on my tummy. So when I saw those greek yogurt pops in the freezer aisle of my grocery, I thought that they would be a great substitution for the Klondike bars I had become so fond of. I know what you are probably thinking...I shouldn't BE in the frozen section of my grocery. You are right. Nothing good ever comes of that section.

But the point is, I was in the frozen section and see those Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars I did. But I didn't want to pay full price. So I bought them at my local bulk goods store, and got a whole bunch more than if I had bought them at the regular grocery. And I had a coupon. Still? Big mistake.

Given my previous issues with yogurt you would have thought I would have better insight into the issue of yogurt frozen on a stick. But I feel like I like frozen yogurt; the funny part about that is that I couldn't tell you the last time I actually had frozen yogurt. Maybe as a child. So maybe I don't like it, after all.

What I can tell you definitively is that I do not like frozen greek yogurt on a stick by Yasso in either strawberry or blueberry. My husband says the strawberry tastes like children's medicine, prompting him to believe that "Yasso" is greek for "Dimetapp." Me? I was disappointed when I opened the wrapper to see that tell-tale sign of freezer burn.

I love blueberries, but the pop itself just fails to be creamy or blueberry-like and so I am left with the distinction of calling it "purple" and I hate the flavor "purple." Maybe greek yogurt just doesn't freeze well and it's not just me. Maybe people just say that they like these chalky pops because they are so invested in their healthy lifestyles that their tastebuds have given up. I would go out and buy Skinny Cow products... but I feel like buying anything "diet" is like buying chemicals to eat.

All of these thoughts from one god forsaken box of frozen greek yogurt pops. I should have known, but because I am a yogurt-idiot who failed to convert "I don't like yogurt" into "I don't like yogurt frozen either," I wanted to share my yogurt issues... like a yogurt support group.

If you don't like yogurt, you might not like yogurt in it's freezer form, either. Just sayin'. And if you happen to like yogurt, you still might not like Yasso's frozen greek yogurt pops because they lack flavor or that creamy nature you might be expecting from a creamy frozen treat. And now that I have come this far into the blog post busting on some company's sub-par yogurt pops, it occurs to me that if you are going for the ice cream, just go for it. It might save you a lot of yogurt heart ache. 

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  1. I love yogurt, but the frozen greek yogurt is an abomination haha. I think you might like actual frozen yogurt by Edy's or Turkey Hill or Breyers. I, personally, cannot taste much difference between frozen yogurt and ice cream. Well, besides that stupid Yasso crap that you decided to try. I really feel sorry for you, but don't worry, you're not the only one who doesn't like it