10 Things I LOVE About Myself

It can be super easy to focus on our flaws, am I right? You get a little confidence going and before you know it, the little gremlins come out and are all like, “Who do you think you are?! You should be less [fill in the blank] or more [fill in the blank].” So today, I want to take a moment in celebration of things I love about myself.

The goal is for you to do the same. If today you can think about 10 things you love about yourself--and maybe even write them down to recall over and over again--you can cultivate a little self love. And it’s all about the love. So here are mine, (in no particular order.)

I hope that you will share a few things you love about yourself with me in the comments section below.

Here we go! 10 things I LOVE about myself:

# 10- That I am not afraid to try new things whether that is to travel someplace new, tackle a new recipe, or a new form of exercise.

#9- That when I love, I love with my whole heart. I’m all in, baby! Let’s get vulnerable!

#8- My sense of humor. I love a good laugh--clean or dirty! Laughter is contagious and it’s great medicine for my soul....and it doesn’t take much to get me on a roll.

#7- My ability to be open with others. I love that I am not afraid to share my emotions or what is on my mind with other people....I am grateful because it allows me to connect with the people around me.

#6- That I can admit I need some work. In the past year or so, I have been recovering from perfectionism...I need some work, but I can admit that and it feels GREAT!

#5- My healthy body image. Loving my body hasn’t always been easy for me, (remember my dressing room melt down?!) but cultivating a healthy body image has been worth it. Worth. It.

#4- That I am hardworking. Type A, I think they call that? Haha. Really though, I enjoy the fruits of my labor and I couldn’t get there without the hard work. It feels good and I value that aspect of my personality.

#3- My beauty marks. This is esthetic, I know, but I love them, especially the one by my lips. Not too big, not too small...and don’t even TRY to call it a mole. It’s a beauty mark.

#2- That I write letters. You know, with pens and paper. This is one thing I enjoy doing and I love this about me. It’s wonderful to hold a letter someone wrote in your hand and I love telling people I love them this way.

#1- My compassion, which is always evolving. Compassion is a journey--a life’s work--and I am happy that I have an evolving understanding of it. I am always striving for a deeper sense of compassion, but I happy that I have gotten to this point with it.

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