Sunday Funday Vid of My Dogs

When my female Border Collie goes into heat, my male Border Collie refuses to eat. I liken this to the feeling that parents get when their children won't's like, "I know you are hungry, and I'd like to keep you alive, so please effing eat." Well, I have come up with a great way around this...I bring in my other male dog and I have him try to beg food off the my Border Collie. It works every time. 

Since Oscar, my dachshund, is such a  chow hound, he doesn't mind. Long story short, the other night we were at this little roundabout food game for a good 35 minutes. Somewhere along the way, call me crazy, I  decided to record the ridiculousness. Then I made a movie. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

Happy Sunday! 

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