In Defense of Pregnant Celebrities...And All Women, Actually


If I have to see one more caption slamming Kim Kardashian for her baby weight I am going to scream....too late! I already screamed. Luckily I did it into a pillow and no one heard me. I know that Kim K isn’t the most popular celeb on the block, but I like her, and also I am sick of the media picking on women who gain a little weight.

The woman is pregnant and you know, if she’s putting on weight, who cares? I find it tasteless that the media would even obsess over the weight of a pregnant woman to begin with, let alone pick on her. And I know that she cannot be the only one who faces this kind of scrutiny. I hear men say things like, “She looks big, what’s with her?” only to hear someone else answer, “Um, she’s pregnant.”

This obsession with size has got to end. It’s driving me nuts. The truth is that it’s not just the people on the extreme ends of the spectrum that suffer--most of us fall somewhere in the middle, anyway and it’s us who is suffering from these bloated ideals. They aren’t realistic, and we’ve got to stop buying into them. I know it’s tempting to want to see every headline, each story, each caption, but you can stop and it won’t change your life all that much.

When it comes to pregnancy, it seems like everyone is having babies. And that is totally cool. However, society is increasingly unrealistic about the “bouncing-back after baby thing.” It’s fine if you can flaunt your perfect body that you had professionally trained post-baby and *surprise* just in time for bikini season--but for the love of god, I wish that celebrities would stop feeling like they need to. I am not even pregnant and can’t maintain that size...not that I would if I could.

The mission is to love yourself--flaws and all--the way you are right now. For women out there who do actually strive for the unattainable, it’s just too much. We’re already bombarded and the pressure to want to be perfect is already mounted. The last thing we need is low self esteem at a time when we are supposed to be enjoying the fresh glow of expectancy.

People may think that a little harmless Kim K bashing on People magazine is no big deal, but there are women out there who are pregnant (or not pregnant, for that matter) thinking to themselves, “Do I look fat?” when what they should be thinking is, “I feel great, I’m excited about being pregnant.” It sends a message to children that if you gain a little weight, baby or no baby, that it’s okay to make fun of or publicly shame that person. And that pisses me off.

So who’s with me? Do you feel that the pressure to maintain perfect size, even in pregnancy, has gone altogether too far....or do you think it’s okay to make fun of people for their size if they are living in the public eye? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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