Bossy Italian Book Review: The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway

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There are times when a book grabs you and sucks you in so completely, that you are lost in it. The River of No Return is one of those books. An amazingly creative race through time, the main character Nick, jumps through time into a world he can barely comprehend.

Nick is thrust into the arms of the Guild, the organization that manages time jumpers and protects the river of time. There are a few rules, of course, the most important being "there is no return." Or is it?

Nick's adventure seems already underway in a new, modern world, it turns out that nothing is really as it seems. Ridgway creates a truly glorious world filled with three dimensional characters who leap from the page.

I was spellbound by this book. Hands down one of the most captivating books I have read in a long, long time. It has something for everyone--there is the aspect of time travel, which Ridgway creates with such mystical depth that it begs you to believe in it. Then there is the Regency-Era setting in England, which transported me to a time and place of lords and ladies, of coming out seasons, and balls.

It is in 1815 Devon, England that we meet Julia Percy, a 22-year-old young woman who has been living in Castle Dar her whole life at the whim of others. She seems ignorant of the world around her, and yet eager to learn....but Julia has a secret that is pulling her toward the River of Time.

Interlaced beautifully through the story of time, the love story emerges and tugs at the heart. I found myself rooting for these characters, feeling afraid for them, and loving every page-turning second! Will the worlds of Regency-Era England and modern 2013 collide? What is behind the power of the Guild and those who jump through time? This book is a gem--a truly unique, creative fantasy that transports the reader through time--and a must read!!!

The River of No Return is hitting shelves April 23, 2013. Do not miss this book! 

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