And I'm In Full-On Nesting Mode

Me at 25 weeks pregnant...with my doxie sneaking
in the picture!!! 
I was on the phone with a friend a couple of weeks ago and I told her that I was starting to "nest." She was incredulous, "your house is already pretty much done, what could you be doing?" Ah, dear friend, never underestimate the power of a woman to organize when she is with child. I have found that I am hitting a full-on nesting mode and wanting to get every, little thing ready for our new family.

Mostly this began with a need to put curtains up. On every. Single. Window. With rods. They really make the rooms look quite nice, I have to say. And then I got it in my head that the guest room needs a revamp...because people might want to come to stay. To see the baby, you know? I have big plans.

Then I got a look at my own closet....oh my god. How have I survived all these years with such a deplorably organized closet space? I spent last Sunday cleaning that sucker OUT. My scarves are now hanging from shower curtain rings on hangers, and I can actually see them all! I am happy to report that Pinterest has been instrumental in helping make all this possible. I have been looking at Pinterest like it is my full time job.

The nursery is also coming along quite nicely. We are nearly ready to hang artwork, and I think our child will someday appreciate all the hard work my husband and I have put into choosing her items. For now, I will settle for my friends and family thinking it's "really cool."

I have also been cleaning things that I have never previously scrubbed with such the walls. I even cleaned out our medicine cabinet....looks as though I haven't had a cold since about 2010, when all my medicine expired. I threw out enough cough syrup to cure a small village. I even hung hand towels in my husband's bathroom for him as I wondered where he was drying his hands over the last several months.

Now, I've moved on to making details lists of everything that needs to be done because, seriously, how could I possibly remember all the things that need to be done? So now I have no less than four lists on my notes in my phone. And I'm even starting to check off some items!

Yes, nesting is a real phenomenon. I never knew. I know that it's all a bit comical, but I also feel like a conquerer of domesticity. Once all this nesting is behind me, I know that our house will be tip-top condition and ready for this baby to take us by storm! I have a notion that I will feel like Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump where they are in the hurricane on the boat, except I'll be the pregnant lady shouting, "MAH HOUSE IS READY FOR BABY!!!!" Muahahahaha.

So, what interests me at this point is YOUR nesting tales. How did you/are you get ready for a baby in your house? Did the nesting instinct pass you by or did it hit you like a ton of bricks? Share it with me the comments section below! 

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