Bossy Italian Book Review: Eat Right For Your Baby

I got this book from a friend of mine I was immediately completely intrigued. This book is all about eating correctly for your specific blood type and centers on pregnancy, nursing and baby's first year. Right off the bat, there are people who will embrace this and there are others who will reject it. I have a tendency to jump into things 110% or not at all, so knowing this, I tried to harness myself to approach this book objectively and reserve my opinion.

Let's say that was a little bit hard for me... haha. I got really excited. But first thing was first: I had to figure out my blood type. So I called my doctor and found out that I am O Positive. Universal donor, baby!

Now, I am going to just be completely up front and say that I loved that I could flip through this book and read the parts that were specific to my blood type. So for those of you out there who aren't into the "read a whole book thing" you will love this too. Then, as soon as I started getting some information about my blood type specific needs, I wanted to reject it....

WHAT?! Gluten isn't ideal for me?! I should avoid lentils?! I love lentils! Avocados aren't the best, either?! You've got to be kidding me....I reject this in the name of carbohydrates!!!! 

But then, other things sort of made the fact that dairy doesn't really agree with me (which it doesn't), that yogurt isn't beneficial (I knew there had to be a reason I had yogurt issues!), and that there was a logical reason I am attracted to peppermint and rose hip teas. I loved the fact that venison was a great lean protein for me! So this whole thing worked both ways: it was both eye opening as well as a little bit disappointing to hear that some of my favorite foods were on worse side for my blood type.

Overall, I enjoyed this book very much. I think it's a great read for moms-to-be or even those trying to get pregnant up through those who are breastfeeding. Am I going to follow it all the way? Probably not. But I think it'll help guide my eating a little more. I may eat less gluten and lentils, and I may be less hard on myself for not liking yogurt and other dairy products. But it's great to know. There is never too much information, right?

If you are into holistic living and exploring your health through eating, I would certainly give this book a read. It's straight-forward, includes recipes and can help you get on the right track for your blood type. It can also help you explore why you might be attracted to some foods and innately reject others!! 

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