Obligatory Valentine's Day Post

Valentine's Day is a trap. A lovely, heart shaped trap with pretty shades of red. As a blogger, if I don't write about Valentine's Day, I feel like people will think I'm a hater. But I am not normally a gusher,  either. This year, though....well it's like the perfect Valentine's Day storm.

Last year, my husband and I spent Valentine's Day very much apart. In fact, we were on separate continents. So we sort of got to skip the "holiday" altogether. I can't say I was particularly disappointed about it because after ten years, sometimes skipping a Valentine's Day makes the holiday grow fonder. Now that I am pregnant, it seems like everything is more special. Maybe it's the whole being sober thing, but I am just so excited to go on a date with my husband!

We aren't doing anything super fancy...we're going to a movie and then going to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Rehoboth, Confucius. But to me? We might as well be hitting the town! I'm gonna be out with my man. Each time we have a chance to do anything remotely special-ish, I treasure it so much more because I know that baby is coming and everything is going to change.

When I started to realize I was doing this, I was reminded that we should ALWAYS approach life this way. I try to never leave things angry; to always say goodbye in love, and to enjoy even the most boring life's moments. Because in the end I have feeling that what I will really remember (looking back) is that my husband makes the world's best grilled cheese, or that he always got up to feed the chickens because I hate going out in the mornings, especially when it's cold, or all the small jokes we tell that only we (and maybe the dogs) understand and laugh about. These moments are all precious.

When my husband asked me, "are we doing gifts for Valentine's Day?" I said "no way!" There is nothing he could get me that I want more than what I already have. Though, it was sweet of him to ask.  These Hallmark holidays can have a way of being pretty obnoxious, but, if we can see past the materialistic side of them, they can also be pretty special, too. At least that is what my hormonal baby bumped up self seems to think this year.

So what are your big plans (or non plans) this Valentine's Day? If you're feeling sour on the day, how can you turn it around to express a little love for someone or something in your life? Leave it for me in the comments section below. And have a happy heart day. 

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