Quick Fix: Tuna, White Bean & Avocado Salad

Tuna salad is a staple in our household. It's one of my husband's very favorite ways to eat lunch. Me? I'm generally a leftovers kind of gal when it comes to lunch. But I know how to enjoy a nice tuna salad every now and then, which is how I came up with this little gem.

You have to mix it up every now and then, right?

The thing is, I eat three meals a day at home nearly seven days a week. That's a lot of meals, people. And I do it most every time with my side kick, my ten month old. So let's just say that quick and easy are two things I especially love these days.

Now while I love mayonnaise probably more than the average person, I am also happy to report that this recipe is mayo free. I know, right? I think you can appreciate this because not everyone enjoys the caloric kick they get from mayo, even though for me, I am just so in love with mayonnaise. I don't know why, but I could eat it with a spoon.

This is three simple ingredients, and then for serving you can kind of do what suits you best. I like to serve it open face on toast with some sort of greenery, topped with tomato. My husband likes to eat his with what he called a "Mediterranean Platter," which consists of crackers, olives, pepperoncinis, pickles, and sometimes hummus. We are different we two.

Okay, down to business. Ready for a super easy (dare I say healthy?) lunch?! Here we goooooooooo!

Tuna, White Bean & Avocado Salad 

Time: 5 Minutes | Serves 3 (Maybe 4) | Difficulty: EASY! 

You Will Need

1 ripe avocado 
1 can of white kidney beans (also known as cannellini beans) 
2, 2.5 ounce packages tuna (or one can) 
Salt & pepper, to taste 


Slice the avocado in half, and remove the pit. Dice into squarish pieces and place in bowl. 

Put the tuna in the bowl. 

Drain the beans and add them to the bowl. 

Using a fork, mix the ingredients together. This with naturally mash them a bit, creating a great tuna salad!! Add salt and pepper to taste. 

There are many ways to serve this--get creative! I did mine on toast with arugula and tomato! YUM!! 

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