Stuff I Use: Bragg Vinegar [With The Mother]

I like to keep things as simple as I can. When it comes to taking medicine, I am definitely a less is more type of gal, which is why I like easy home remedies. Some people might consider taking vinegar every day to be homeopathic, and in some ways, I guess it is. But for me, it's more of a routine than anything else...sort of like oil pulling.

Yes, I take a shot of vinegar daily. And so should you. Fermented foods are good for you and your gut. {CLICK HERE to purchase Bragg Vinegar for cheap on Amazon!}

Now of course, I am not a doctor. I am no where near qualified to give any type of medical advice, so if you feel that you need medical advice, you should see a doctor. But I am a human person with the power of observation. So there's that. I have noticed that taking a shot of vinegar daily really helps me in a lot of ways.

It keeps the yeast at bay
Yea, I know, it's a bit of a personal subject. But I've birthed a baby, so my dignity remains unaffected by talking about yeast. I get nasty sugar cravings these days, which I know doesn't help matters. But I am also just plain sensitive and prone to yeast infections. A shot a day keeps the yeast at bay. Plain and simple. It has to do with the probiotics in the fermented vinegar. Can yogurt do the same thing? Maybe...if you want to ingest dairy and all the sugar that comes along with it (no thanks!)

Keeps my gut in check
I firmly believe it helps keep my digestion in a healthy balance. When I've got an upset tummy from eating dairy, or for any reason, I take a shot of vinegar and it sets me straight.

Possible heartburn solution
I don't really get heartburn, but my mom does. Whenever she comes over with heartburn, we take shots of Bragg Vinegar and she thinks it really helps. So, you can give this a try if you have heartburn--it can only help.

Immunity booster
Since I began breastfeeding, I have felt that my immune system has been more vulnerable. Fermented apple cider vinegar helps balance ph levels in the body (a reason is also helps with yeast infections), making the body more alkaline. Bottom line? It means that disease/illness is less likely to thrive. I feel it makes a difference! And when I'm feeling unwell, I add an extra shot to my nightly routine.

So what about you? Do you  take Bragg vinegar as part of your health routine? What benefits do you notice? Leave your experience in the comment section below!

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