My Sorry, Not Sorry Stump Speech

Dear Parent People,

I am sorry, but I'm not sorry. As a new mother I am often under the impression that I am supposed to somehow feel bad about the following things:

1) that I got back down to my starting weight (and then lost additional weight.)
2) that my child is (generally) a good sleeper.
3) I make my own baby food.
4) have time for Pinteret projects.
5) being able to stay home with my child instead of working (well, I do work from home sporadically.)

I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry.

Whatever your life circumstances are, they are your own. Despite whatever your issues are with me and moms like me, you need to chillax. The fact of the matter is, I did my best to set up my life this way, and I'm proud of my choices. Sure there have been twists and turns-- things I didn't expect--haven't we all experienced those?

The truth is, I worked my ass off during my pregnancy, pushing myself to go the gym through exhaustion and morning sickness. I worked out until two weeks before I gave birth. So, yeah, I'm happy my body bounced back. I look good and I'm not going to feel bad about it. I'm also not going to judge you if you're 30(+) pounds up from your starting weight because I'm not a woman hating, body-obsessed freak. It's hard, and everyone gets a different genetic roll of the dice. I get it.

And I'm sorry that your kid doesn't sleep. But unless you ask me, I promise I won't try to offer you a sleep solution because honestly, I just got lucky. Sure, it's true, my mantra during pregnancy was "I'm so happy and thankful for my good sleeper." Did it work? I guess we'll never really know.

And yes, I'm mostly a SAHM who makes my own baby food and undertakes an abnormal amount of Pinterest projects. It's my hobby dammit, and I enjoy it. As for being a SAHM, well, it wasn't exactly the plan, but it works so what of it.

I've got my crosses to bear, God knows. Like that time when I had postpartum issues, which sucked. I'm not sure, given that experience, that I'll even have more children. So maybe you're 20 pounds heavier but had a blissful postpartum period-- hey I'd love to trade ya, but I heard that's not really an option, so...

I'm not sorry. I'm not having the easiest time, either. In fact, I'm just like you in lots of ways. So the stuff that did happen easy, like losing the weight or getting a nap, I'm not going to apologize for. The thing is, we shouldn't have to apologize for our wins in life. I'm not ashamed. Boogity boo.

When we make lists about the moms that annoy us, or we hate on skinny people, or we rant against someone who stays at home (or goes to work), or we roll our eyes at a mom who is doing a good job (because it makes us feel smaller) what we are really doing is telling her that she should dull her sparkle so we can feel better. And that's bullshit.

So be not sorry. It's freaking great!


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