Stuff I Use: Nutritional Yeast

Mmmmmm mmmmm, nutritional yeast. Ha! I know that is not what you were thinking AT ALL. But you should. Nutritional yeast first came on my radar when I started watching this show "Cook Your Ass Off." It was a one-off show, and I don't think it lasted for more than a season, but it was all about taking your favorite (unhealthy) foods and giving them a healthy makeover. Good stuff. And it had Richard Blais from Top Chef.

Any-who, I always saw the chefs on the show using nutritional yeast and going on about its "cheesy quality." Yeah, yeah. Then I gave up dairy. And I was like, "gimme me somma that cheesy quality!" So I grabbed this at the local health food store and decided to give it a whirl. All in all? I'm a happy girl and currently enjoying the cheesy quality nutritional yeast has to offer.

While I just use it for the cheesy nature it boasts, it's also chocked full of--you guessed it--nutrition. There are good vitamins, and honestly, any time you are cutting down on dairy, I think it's a wonderful thing for your body in general.

There have been times when a recipe calls for parmesan cheese, and I'll sub this out instead. I swear, I really don't think the recipes suffer. So, if you are dairy free, definitely give this a whirl. I've used it in my dairy free mac n' cheese recipe and even in creamy-like soups and a broccoli casseroles.

Order it on Amazon today by CLICKING HERE. You can also generally find in health food stores, too! I use Bragg because it's a brand I trust and love, but there are lots of brands out there you can try.

What about you? Have you used nutritional yeast and loved it as much as I do??? 

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