A Review of Pinterest Recipes

Double Berry Puff Pancake
I. Love. Pinterest. It's just the best. Part of my afternoon routine includes laying down with my daughter for her nap. She nurses, falls asleep and wakes up to nurse somewhere in the middle, so laying down with her is just the easiest and most relaxing way for me spend the time. Which means I have time for catching up on television series viewing (I'm currently on Six Feet Under--love it!) and to get on Pinterest.

From my cell phone, I can multitask by looking at Pinterest and menu planning while making my grocery list. Seriously. It saves our family so much money. It also gives me the opportunity to sift through lots and lots of recipes and try new things. And now, I can share them with you!

So here's my review of stuff I made from Pinterest.

Korean Beef Bowl
Now, anywhere that says "beef" I use venison. I don't ever miss beef. And this recipe was right up my alley--I love those Asian flavors! But I didn't serve mine over rice. Instead, I served it as a lettuce wrap, which was sooooo yummy!

Crockpot Curry Chicken 
Let me just start with this: my husband has always maintained that he doesn't like curry. But then I saw this recipe on Pinterest and I wanted it. Like, had to have it. So I lied. I told him it was "Indian chicken." He tasted it and said, "hmm....this tastes like curry, but I like it." HOLY COW! He liked the curry! This, my friends, is no small miracle. So, I would say this recipe can win the hearts and minds of even the most discerning curry tastebuds. Plus, it's easy because it's in a crockpot!

Greek Chicken
I had high hopes for this dish. I was super excited about it. But overall, it was a big letdown. There just wasn't enough flavor. I am sure I could tweak it and add flavor...but seriously, great pictures don't always mean a good recipe.

Honey Soy Chicken
Here on Delmarva, we're always looking for some good chicken recipes. And being dairy free, I am always looking for nondairy recipes. This recipe fires on all cylinders! It's pretty easy, extremely tasty and goes really well with my spicy Asian noodles! You're well on your way to a complete meal with these two dishes. YUM!

The only disclaimer I will make about this chicken? The clean up is a bit of a monkey. You'll have to soak that dish. Maybe twice. But it's worth it. I promise.

Cajun Chicken Alfredo
I love a creamy pasta dish, and I've gotten pretty good at subbing out the dairy on them now. This was no exception! And did I mention, one pot meal? Yea, I love those one pot meals--they are easy and efficient. This says it serves 4, but honestly, I could have eaten the whole pot myself! Hehe.

My advice on this one is to keep the chicken at 1 pound, and double everything else so that you don't have to leave half the box of pasta on the shelf. But hey, that's just me.

Double Berry Puff Pancake
Holy breakfast heaven. This is like a German pancake or a Dutch Baby, neither of which I had ever made before this time. This was an easy recipe and it's one of those things you can make for guests that is just brilliant. Try it. Just do it. You'll be happy as hell.

Coconut Rice Pudding 
Oh rice pudding, how I love thee. And one night last week, I had a hankering. So I had to make this recipe and I was happy. All was right in the world. This easy, nondairy, gluten free (VEGAN) recipe is delicious! My husband thought it needed more sugar, but I thought it was perfect. Difference in taste I guess. He still ate it, though.