Back To The Grind

Haaaaapppppy Monday everyone! Are you getting back to your grind today? Do you feel like Mondays put you through the grinder? Wondering why I am making all these grinding jokes? Nope, it's not a post about coffee--it's a post about meat! So let's all get grinding together.

Have I mentioned how meat-crazed I have been lately? I am crazed, it is true. It all sort of started when I read Julie Powell's Cleaving, which, if you haven't read it, is a sort of ode to meat (and fabulous!). Since that day I have been a bit obsessed with unusual cuts of meats and meats that aren't used as often as others. I have made oxtails, regularly eat venison and duck, love to make my own short ribs, and recently, a new meat-themed love: grinding!

My husband got me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and with it he also gifted me the meat grinding attachment. My husband really knows me... and so lately I have been giving my grinder a go-round. I have ground chicken and now some pork!

I don't know that I have ever discussed this before, but I buy in bulk a lot. It saves a ton of money, and because I have a large freezer, it allows to me to have lots of meat on hand and I like to also try and buy it on sale. I buy these pork loins in bulk which come two to a package, and the bulk portion includes two packages of two. So I like to make one loin and then grind the other--this allows me to stretch the meat into 4-5 meals!

For those of you with Kitchen Aid mixers, I would like to encourage you to get the meat grinding attachment. I know that some might think it's a little gross, but it's not. Look, if you are going to meat eat, you should be able to handle the meatiness of it all and be able to slice, dice, quarter, and grind your own meat. At least that's my take on it. Now, for the pictures.

Meat grinder attachment in all it's glory! 

Here's my loin--ready to become a nice ground meat! 

You have to cut it a bit before you grind it! 

When it comes out it's a little Sweeny Todd, but it's great. The attachment works with ease, which is half the battle, making it easy as pie! (meat pie!) 

Here's the place where you put it in... and then you can see it comes out! 

I was impressed with the meat I got and I divided it into two portions, one for tacos and one for ravioli stuffing!!! YUM! 


  1. I buy my meat from a local farm and think it's time I ground my own. Thanks for the inspiration.