The Yogurt Is Just For Show...

I do one bulk grocery shop per month, and in between I usually clean out the refrigerator about twice. That's twice a month in my estimation, sometimes more but sometimes less. In any case, the other day when I opened I refrigerator, there I saw them: the two containers of yogurt that snuck past at least 4 refrigerator cleanings... and you know what I did? Nothing.

You know you have one of those foods. The one you aspire to eat but for some reason you just don't. For us, I guess it's yogurt. The funny thing is I like the taste of yogurt. It's a fine food, even though I am not crazy about dairy products. And I know it's healthy, which is probably why I keep buying it. But despite my best intentions, I find over and over again, it ends up on display, some kind of proof that we try to eat healthy, I suppose.

Why then, I though to myself, don't I just throw it away and move on from the yogurt issue? Maybe it's the cute packaging... you know the one, with the wallaby on it. Maybe it's that. Perhaps it's that I keep thinking about the yogurt and how I should eat it and then I remember that it's painfully old. If I throw it away then the trash will have to go out... but the trash is only half full and putting it out right now would impractical. That, and nothing stinks worse that rotting dairy. But as long as it's in that packaging, all nice and neat, it can be my dirty little secret and no one has to know.

The yogurt is just for show. 

There, I said it. And I'm not going to spend time feeling bad about it, either. Maybe some day I will be a better person. One day maybe I will wake up and I will say to myself, "Why, today I think I will have some yogurt!" But until then, you can blame Jamie Curtis for making me think that yogurt equals shit. 

Also, another note on yogurt, it's not dessert, so don't let them fool you. You can put words like apple turnover and boston cream pie on the label, but you aren't fooling me at all. And maybe yogurt can help you drop dress sizes, but seriously, I can't bring myself to eat it. I'll do extra Zumba instead. I'll buy it, but by god, don't ask me to eat it. 

The yogurt is just for show. 

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