Bossy Italian Book Review: Tender At The Bone

You might have noticed that I am literally ripping through food themed books these days. After reading this book, though, it became clear to me: not all foodie themed nonfiction books are created equal. I have read books by good writers, but Ruth Reichl has something extra special that gives her book a readability that sticks with you.

This book is the story of her life, laced together with her food experiences and told in a clear voice that is wholly relatable. Intertwined with her stories are recipes that vary from apple dumplings to brownies to complicated ethnic dishes. I can't wait to get cooking on these recipes! It seems that everyone Ruth ever met in life not only effected her, but left her with a taste to remember them by.

I downed this book in a single day, impressing even myself on that one... but it was simply that good. Each page in this book was delicious. I got the sense that this woman knows herself very well and because of that, she knew exactly how to tell her story in a way that draws the reader into her world. And let's all be honest, there is no book better than the one that creates its own world and allows you to participate in it.

I have to empathically suggest this book to anyone who loves to read. This is not just a book for foodies, as some of the books I have read might have been, this book is for anyone with a family, anyone with a heart, and anyone who loves life and associates it through food. This book is the kind that I feel really pushes me in what I do.

This book urged me to keep going in my writing and cooking journey, and for me, that is a remarkable thing. Not every book speaks to me so deeply, but this one is just special. I have already purchased her second book, Comfort Me With Apples, and I wouldn't be surprised if I devour her words with the same ferocity. Ruth Reichl is a clear voice in a world of whirring. I think I have a new favorite author.


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