The Ravioli Press

After reading The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken I just had to have a ravioli press. I figured it didn't matter how much it cost because I simply could not live without it. Luckily is was less than $20 and so I was not only able to live with it, but I was able to afford it. After using it, though, I realize it is far more valuable than the dollar amount put on the press; it's worth it's weight in gold!

It was im-press-ive how easily raviolis are made using this simple, even rudimentary, machine. I have a fever that can only be cured by more ravioli and now that I am armed with this press, the world better watch out because I am liable to wrap and roll everything that fit within the confines of the press.

Seriously... it's that simple. It was so simple that I was mystified by the thing. The directions on the back of the bag containing the gadget were less than helpful. But you know what was helpful? This video on You Tube. Without it, I would still be puzzling over how to use the ravioli press... I can text like a bandit, but these two pieces of metal had me stumped!

Generally, I like to make my pasta using the food processor or Kitchen Aid mixer to mix the dough. But this day, I was feeling so happy I thought I would just do by hand--how hard could it be? 

Easy enough. 

And I got into it.... without taking off my wedding ring! UGH! There were bits of dough in my ring for days. There probably still is. I was too excited!

The dough really came out well, I think!

Of course, nothing will thin a dough like a pasta machine. It's the best. Then you lay a layer over the press part of the ravioli press. 

Seeeeeee. And I also floured it, too. But the guy in the YouTube video says you can also spray it with Pam. Your choice. I had a lot of flour, as you can tell!

This nifty piece goes over to press the filling holes in the pasta... and it stretches it evenly and gently. 

Then you put the filling in and lay another layer of dough overtop. 

Then you literally take your rolling pin and run it over the top to shape it and make it even. 

Have you met my dough scraper yet? I think I mentioned it last week. It's an amazing thing and I love it immeasurably. Came in handy with gnocchi and again with ravioli. The ravioli are very delicate and trying to lift them can result in disaster. This eliminates the would-be disaster factor. 

These ravioli are miles above the last ones I made! They are perfect. They are pillows of Italian love... 

And now I have to take the time to admit that even though I promised I would get a picture of them after they cooked the last time I forgot to take the picture because I was too busy eating them..... I have again failed in this endeavor. I am sorry. They were too good. And I made them and I ate them and I realized I forgot to take a picture... again. But you know what that means?! I'll have to make [even] more raviolis! Maybe this next time, I'll even get down a recipe!


  1. Making ravioli looks like too much work for me - but I'd be happy to eat some of yours. Yum!! ^.^

  2. I just received my ravioli press from Amazon yesterday.... I'm going to attempt to make it today. I agree, the instructions were less than helpful with the press & made me feel really dumb that I didn't understand it! Glad to hear I wasn't the only one! ;) Thanks so much for the clarification! And, I'm your newest follower! ~ Mama Ging

  3. Thanks so much! I didn't quite get the instructions that came with easy can it be! I'm making crab stuffed ravioli with shrimp and red pepper cream sauce today (husband's birthday)

  4. Like you, I was stumped on what to do with the 2 pieces. Thx for the vid, it was a big help!