Stuff I Use: Mini Pie Maker

My pie maker!!!!
By now you may have guessed that I am a sucker for gadgets. I just love them. If there is a gadget to help me in the kitchen, I am hard pressed not to try it out. Some people amass gadgets and then they go by the wayside, never to be used again. Not me. I love them and I use them and I honestly think they make my life better.*

So when I was hanging about the consignment shop my new friend own and they said that they had a kitchen gadget I might like, I was all ears. I didn't expect them to pull out a brand spanking new mini pie maker, though! YES! OH HAPPY DAY! I knew that this pie maker and I would be best friends. And we're getting very well acquainted lately.

Now, let me take a minute to talk about pie and I because we have a special relationship. Cake is cake. It's all fine and well, but I am not cake's biggest fan. For me to love a cake, it has to be breathtakingly moist and heavily frosted. But pie.... well, pie is different. The crust is a flaky adventure and the inside? Always moist and the perfect pleaser for me. Pies also don't tend to be overly sweet, which is a point of attraction for me. I just love pie.

So far in my tiny pie maker I have made chicken pot pies, blueberry pies, and mini quiches. There are lots of uses for this machine and it works really easily. It makes dessert (something my husband lives more) a total no-brainer, which I love! I have yet to freeze any of the pies I have made because they seem to keep disappearing into piles of crumbs... hmm.... I wonder why.

The recipes in the booklet that came with the pie maker leave something to be desired, but I am not much of a recipe follower, anyway. And I never really expect very much from those books, either. Other than that, let the good pies roll! This machine is great and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves pie and/or gadgets and/or miniature anything!
*Any company, persons, or entities that would like to send me gadgets, therefore, would be welcomed. I should also mention that if you did happen to send me a gadget, I would love you.... forever.

You can use ready made crust, or make your own. I chose to go hybrid on this one and use the Jiffy Crust. It's easy and never fails! The machine comes with crust cutters, making life exponentially easier!

It's great because you just pop it in, fill it, top it again with crust. Then close the lid and let he magic pie fairies go to work!

BAM! Check it out! These are blueberry, but you can add virtually any filling you like! It's like magic... only pie-ier. 


  1. Fellow gadget lover here! Thanks for posting this. Hubby and I are so tempted to purchase a pie baker, but pondering the brand names. Care to share which unit this is? (Hope I didn't just overlook it.)

    Many thanks!

  2. Hey Karen! I love my mini pie maker!! The brand is Breville, and I have been extremely pleased it! I believe that they can be a little pricey (I got mine from friends who run a consignment shop and it was literally a steal) but if you plan on using it bunch, the cost is probably worth it.

    I have used it now for all manner of pies from venison meat pies to cherry pies to blueberry (above) and chicken pot pies with puff pastry crust. We even did mini quiches in them and those came out wonderfully as well. Good luck! Keep me posted--especially if you try another brand!

  3. Hi, Karen. I bought the Breville and the Sunbeam (which I picked up for $20 on sale at Target and I couldn't resist) . I felt like the Breville burned up the crust more quickly. I set them at the same time with the same quiche filling and I guess the Breville is just more powerful. Anyways. . . Did you make your own filling or buy canned for the blueberry pie? I have made my own apple pie filling and also used the store bought. My own was better, but as far as making fast pies. . . The one in the glass jar was just too easy! Also, I have now tried Market Place, Publix brand, and Pillsbury refrigerated crust and found that I got the best flavor and texture from Market Place, followed by Publix, and sadly Pillsbury had the weirdest texture and flavor to me. I just had to share, becuase zi haven't found much info on these mini pies anywhere and I am new to the mini pies.

    1. Hi Chi Chi!

      Thanks for all your great info on the pie makers!! I love the side by side comparison. I agree that Breville DOES get very hot very fast--you really have to keep an eye on your pie! I saw that you mentioned the crusts that you have used, but have you ever used Jiffy Crust??

      Jiffy Crust comes in those little boxes and you add water to make your crust then you roll it out- I am a huge fan of Jiffy Crusts. They are amazing in the pie makers, too. I haven't had them burn up on me at all.

  4. did anyone ever GRANDS for the crust in a mini pie maker?

  5. I have a Wolfgang Puck mini pie make. I unexpectly "FOUND" it in the corner of my pantry. I make cakes once in while. But I love pies. So far Ive made my version of apple pie using fresh apples, also used Jiffy Pie Pastry. they turned out great. I've made chicken pot pie. Now I have some leftover mac & cheese and would like to use this pie maker for this. I tried searching online, but no-one so far has an answer for me. Oh, by the way, I find that Wolfgang Puck's mini pie maker has a much deeper well than any of the others. Has anyone out there used a mini pie maker to make leftover mac & cheese?

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