Awkward Kitchen Confession: I Can't Make Good Coffee

I can make coffee... it's that black ground stuff you add water to, right? Just kidding. Of course I know how to add the grounds to the filter and the water to the compartment allotted for precisely that liquid. Trouble is, I can't really seem to make good coffee... and it bothers me. I should start by saying it isn't my "job" to make coffee--it is my husband's "job."

Even still, there is something altogether baffling for me about the fact that I make my own pasta, I can poach an egg, and I can make great panna cotta, but I can't make good coffee. Lots of people who can't cook can make great coffee, right? (I am totally guessing here because you always hear people who don't cook very often, or eat very often, talk about how much coffee they drink!)

This isn't rocket science. It's coffee! Which, apparently, is not my strong suit. It's a little ironic, but still sad any way you look at it. I like coffee, and I want to make it well!

At first it was a listening issue... my husband told me I needed four scoops of coffee and I disregarded this, insisting it just looked like too much coffee. After drinking the coffee-water that resulted from my three scoop coffee incident, I was more inclined to agree with him... so one would think the coffee would get better.

It did not.

On mornings when I wake up first (which are fewer than one might imagine), I make the coffee. It's not because I want to make the coffee, but I am up, so hey. We recently purchased a coffee grinder, and so I added the beans and I ground the coffee. I measured those four scoops and proceeded to make the weakest coffee known to man... or at least the man in my house.

I tried my best to sip it and be like, "It isn't that bad," but the only person I was lying to was myself. I was irritated (once again) with my weak coffee skills; and, no, it wasn't the coffee itself that was weak because the guy at the store told us it was the "right" coffee for us.

The point is, I need help! Because forcing my husband to drink one more pot of coffee that tastes more like chicory and dirt is just wrong. I mean, when your day starts with crappy coffee, you just aren't in a great place... and I want to improve my coffee making skills. So help a Bossy Italian Wife out, here. Give me some coffee tips!

Here are my coffee-facts. In case you wanna get forensic on it:

-I have a four cup coffee pot (I know, it's little... little things are cute!)
-I generally add four scoops of coffee plus a pot of water
-It tastes pretty weak
-I recently purchased a grinder for whole bean coffee... is whole bean coffee supposed to be stronger because it seems to always taste weaker for some reason?!
-My husband, who hates my coffee although he has never directly come out and said it, thanks you. 


  1. Hi Billie! Try 4 heaping scoops instead of flat scoops and throw in a teaspoon or two of ground cinnamon.

  2. Thanks Emily!! I DO love the cinnamon in it! DELISH!

    I have been using 4 heaping scoops now and it is much improved, and [I think] actually drinkable! LOL