Monday Blues + Chocolate Cookies = Neutral Zone

Today I am a little sad... because I had to come home from a great trip with my girls to the Outer Banks. Plus, it's Monday. Sure, I live at the beach, and trust me I love the area where I live, but I also don't actually make it to the beach that often. So taking a weekend getaway to someone else's beach, well, that kind of felt like a small summer escape.

Nothing makes a Monday suck more than when you have just ended a great mini vacation. But I don't want to be all negative about it. So let's have ourselves some chocolate cookies--that should make everything all better. "C" is for cookie--it's good enough for me!

I spotted these cookies on Pinterest or something, and it lead me to this website, Bailey Bakes. She's a little sweetie with a sweet tooth and I just couldn't resist these chocolatey cookies! I am trying ever so hard to teach myself to bake, and so these really hit a great note for me.

I like to have everything ready to go before I hit the mixer running. Hehe. 

Seriously, though, this Kitchen Aid mixer is one of the best gifts I have EVER gotten. It makes baking so much more palatable for me. 

When it was all mixed it up it was nice and thick and yummy. I know because I tasted the batter. I always taste the batter. I have batter issues and NO I don't care one lick about the raw eggs. We all gotta go somehow, and if I die of a poisoned egg, well, at least it will have tasted sweet because it was probably in the batter. 

The hardest part of this recipe? Waiting while your dough chills in the refrigerator... and during that time not sneaking into the fridge to taste said chilling dough. Hardest part. 

Once you have waited out your 2 hour chillin' time, then you can remove the dough and roll it into little balls on the cookie sheet. They don't spread out like, say, a chocolate chip cookie might, so you can put them kinda close together, like so. 

This was probably my favorite part... well... besides the dough sampling part. I like imprinting my cookies with my thumb. I don't know why, but it seems forensic! 

Then you fill them with chocolate chips. YUM! Double chocolate delight, here I come! 

What a nice lot of cookies I've got ready to go! 

A few moment in the oven and we're in business, these cookies and I! 

Milk and cookies?! Just what the Monday ordered, don't you think?! 

They were a big hit! Also, I loved that they weren't toooo sweet. They really let that chocolate flavor shine through rather than overpowering it with a bunch of sugar. Also, you could really put anything in the thumb print. Next up, I think I'll try putting some nice bacon crumbles in the thumb print! 

CLICK HERE for this totally awesome recipe!!! 

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  1. You are too funny! I'm glad you were able to try these and liked them!!! Thank you so much for posting about them, I think that's awesome!